Dostoevsky's "The Eternal Husband" Synopsis and Comments - A strange love triangle between a beautiful wife, her cuckold husband, and an adulterous man.

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A strange love triangle between a beautiful wife, her cuckold husband, and an adulterous man Late Dostoevsky's famous middle novel "The Eternal Husband" Summary and Synopsis

Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881)Wikipedia.

The Eternal Husband is a full-length novel published in 1870.

I read "The Eternal Husband" translated by Chikusa Ken, published by Shinchosha Publishing.

Let's take a quick look at the book.

He also tacitly approved of his wife's infidelity, and what he protected was his "husband's position.
A unique work by a great writer that depicts the sorrow of a man who has nothing to do but be a husband.
It was written between his magnum opus "The Moron" and "The Evil Ghost".

It is the story of an "eternal husband" who cannot have an affair and can only cling to his wife while she has a succession of lovers, and who is only a "husband" for life. Late one night, Velichaninov is visited by Trusotsky, who wears a mourning badge on his hat, and tells him that his wife, with whom he once had a relationship, is dead. This masterpiece depicts the man's inexplicable words and deeds as he is humiliated, and his deep psychology that sways between servility and a deep-seated desire for vengeance.

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The protagonist of this film is a young date guy, Velichaninov. He is the type of young man who is popular with the ladies, and now he is involved in a rather nasty lawsuit that keeps him busy day after day.

One day, a strange man appears before him.

That is the "eternal husband" Torso Tschii.

From there, the strange tale of the Date man and his "eternal husband" begins.

The "eternal husband" is the husband of an adulterous wife who is constantly changing husbands, who is "a husband all his life," who "cannot help being unfaithful to his wife, just as the sun cannot help shining. He is a man who "cannot remain unfaithful to his wife, just as the sun cannot remain shining.

The "Eternal Husband" Torsotsky was a good-natured, happy-go-lucky man who trusted his wife completely. But his wife takes advantage of this and indulges in adultery.

The "eternal husband" lives happily without noticing his wife's infidelity.

However, when his wife dies young, a letter she leaves behind reveals her infidelity to him. From there, his strange behavior begins.

As the back cover says, "The funny words and deeds performed while indulging in humiliation - a deep psychology that wavers between servile obedience and deep-seated vengeance, between boundless trust and repulsion" are depicted through Trusozhskii.


I remember when I first read "The Eternal Husband," I had a hard time grasping the meaning of "eternal husband," and even more so, I had a great deal of trouble reading it because the strange behavior and psychology of Torsotskyi was completely incomprehensible.

But here's the thing.Emile Zola and Dostoevsky Summary: Reading the "Lugon McCall Series."As I mentioned briefly in my article on the French culture, learning about the culture of adultery? and in doing so, the meaning of "eternal husband" came easily to me.

Of course, adultery itself could not be tolerated openly, but it was not uncommon in the society of the time.

In France, it was rather necessary to juggle it and even use it as a form of socializing.

French literature by Balzac, Emile Zola, and others depicts such male-female relationships to an almost disgusting degree. In particular, Zola's"A Share of the Prey."andThe Gobbledygook.The world of the "Mere Old Man" is exposed in its entirety in a work called "The World of the World of the World of the World of the World.

Of course, even without such knowledge, you will be able to fully enjoy this novel, which is highly regarded as a masterpiece.

The gold standard of Dostoevsky reviews, by MotuliskyA Critical Biography of Dostoevsky.But,

The episodes are arranged according to a strict plot, and each detail seems to have been meticulously calculated in advance. Equanimity and a sense of moderation are triumphant. Dostoevsky "controlled his arm at will" in this work. The Eternal Husband is a masterpiece of Russian narrative art.

Motulisky, "Critical Biography of Dostoevsky," p. 424.

The company has received great acclaim.

The volume of the novel is also a medium-length novel, which means that the page count is reasonable for Dostoevsky.

This work is a brilliant depiction of Dostoevsky's signature psychological depiction of the chaos of the depths of the mind, where one never knows what one might do. Although it is a bit of a tough introduction to Dostoevsky, we highly recommend this work for those who are into Dostoevsky.

The above is a synopsis of Dostoevsky's "The Eternal Husband": a strange love triangle between a beautiful wife, a cuckold husband, and an adulterous man.

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