Invitation to Southeast Asian Theravada Buddhism" - Recommended to learn about Southeast Asian Buddhism, which is different from that of Japan!

Invitation to Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia



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似て非なる? もう一つの仏教! 豊富な現地調査や出家体験から語る、人々の信仰と実践、そして社会。待望の入門書。

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This book is a recommended reference to learn about Buddhism in Southeast Asian countries. In Southeast Asia, Buddhism, which is completely different from our Japanese Buddhism, has taken root. To know the difference is not only to know "Japanese Buddhism" but also to think about "what is Japanese".





Rather than taking a detailed look at the Buddhist doctrines of each Southeast Asian country, this book takes the form of a look at what the lives and faith practices of Buddhists in those countries are like.

Of course, the first chapter of this book provides an easy-to-understand explanation of what Theravada Buddhism is in the first place, so it is designed to be friendly to those without specialized knowledge. In Japan, "Mahayana Buddhism" was introduced and continues to this day, but in Southeast Asia, a completely different lineage of Buddhism is practiced. This work is extremely valuable because it explains the differences between the two in an easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, since it is taught in a narrative style that even beginners can easily read, it is highly recommended for those who want to learn not only about Buddhism but also about the culture itself.

This book was very exciting to learn about Theravada Buddhism and what it is and what it is like at the level of the lives of the people living there. It was very interesting to read it while thinking about the differences and similarities with Japanese Buddhism.



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