Gombrich, Ovesekara, "Buddhism in Sri Lanka" - Is Sri Lankan Buddhism new? A Shocking and Famous Book!

Buddhism in Sri Lanka Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia



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Although Sri Lankan Buddhism may be associated with Theravada Buddhism, which adheres to strict precepts, modern Sri Lankan Buddhism itself was actually a recent construction. Sri Lankan Buddhism is sometimes said to be the closest to the primitive cult, but that was actually an image that was created in the last few centuries. This book will certainly surprise you. I believe that your impression of Sri Lankan Buddhism will change drastically.

The obi of this book says, "Why does Buddhism, which died out in its birthplace, India, continue to live on in Sri Lanka?" and this is precisely the reality of modern Sri Lankan Buddhism that will be examined in detail in this book.

Since Sri Lanka became a British colony in 1815, the traditional village society that had existed until then was in decline, and Colombo experienced rapid urbanization. Furthermore, English-speaking elites actively absorbed British culture. In particular, they brought English Protestant religious views into the world of Sri Lankan Buddhism. This would have a decisive influence on modern Sri Lankan Buddhism.

Also not to be overlooked is the movement on the Buddhist side at the sacred site of Kataragama in southern Sri Lanka. This was originally the sacred site of the Hindu god Skanda (popularly known in Japan as Vikiten). Sri Lankan Buddhists are now flocking there in droves. This is a contradiction in terms of Sri Lanka's Theravada teachings, which claim to be faithful to primitive Buddhism. But this is clearly a trend. This is clearly a major trend, and it is also largely due to the political and economic problems in Sri Lanka.

This book does not simply look at Sri Lankan Buddhism from an ideological perspective, but makes use of the knowledge gained from fieldwork in the area. The reality of Sri Lankan Buddhism can be seen only from what I have actually seen in the field. This is very interesting. I was so excited that I read this book in one sitting. It is very interesting.





まさにその通り!私も本書を読みながらまさにそのように思ってしまったのです!笑 お見事すぎる!この本の欠点はあまりに面白過ぎる点にあるのです。





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