Buddhist Columns & Dharma Talks

Buddhist Columns & Dharma Talks

(53) Arrival in Colombo, a major city in Sri Lanka! Impressed by the beautiful seaside scenery! Introducing its cityscape!

Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka, with a combined population and urban area of over 2 million. The city, which is also the center of business in Sri Lanka, is developing remarkably, and high-rise buildings are being constructed one after another. I was surprised as soon as I arrived at the city that it is almost as developed and beautiful as Japan's metropolitan area.

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(51) Buddhistization of the Hindu holy city of Kataragama and nighttime pujas - Amazing difference from India.

Although originally a Hindu deity, Lord Katharagama himself came to be worshipped as the guardian deity of Buddhism in Sri Lankan Buddhism. This is quite similar to the Japanese term "kamibutsu shugyo," which means the union of Shintoism and Buddhism.

Kataragama has been an object of worship for both Hindus and Buddhists, but this began to change in the mid-20th century.

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(49) Why did Mahayana Buddhism die in Sri Lanka - What happened to the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka, which was also a center of esoteric Buddhism?

In my previous article, I talked about the existence of a Mahayana Buddhist tradition in Sri Lanka, and in this article I will give a brief overview of such a Mahayana Buddhist tradition in Sri Lanka.

A very important point about what Buddhism is all about will be discussed in this article. I am sure readers will be surprised.

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(48) The Great Buddha of Mahayana Buddhism Lies Deep in the Heart of Sri Lanka! Visiting the traces of Mahayana Buddhism that had taken root in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may be thought of as the sacred land of Theravada Buddhism, but in fact, Mahayana Buddhism also took root in this land. Especially in the 8th century, Sri Lanka was the center of esoteric Buddhism, which had a great influence on the world.

I decided to head for the interior of Sri Lanka to visit its traces.

Buddhist Columns & Dharma Talks

(46) Thinking about the 1971 armed uprising by Marxist students at the University of Peradeniya in Kandy.

I have been in the process of studying Dostoevsky for the past few years, mostly European history. And now I am learning about India and Sri Lanka.

But I wondered, "What do I really know about Europe, India, and Sri Lanka? What do I think I know about Europe, India, and Sri Lanka?" Coming to the University of Peradeniya made me aware of this question once again.