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Statue of Dostoevsky

Takahiro Ueda, "Dostoevsky and His Wife's Fateful Journey: Travels in Western Europe of Madness and Love" - A journey that traces a once-in-a-lifetime journey with his wife that changed the destiny of a great writer.

This travelogue will be a record of my trip to Europe in 2022 on the theme "Shinran and Dostoevsky".

The Dostoevskys traveled to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic. I have also had the opportunity to relive their journey and reflect on the fateful journey that was to change his life. This is my full-length travelogue. Please read it.

Shinran and Dostoevsky

Why am I, a monk, reading Dostoevsky and world literature?" Articles - The Surprising Similarities Between Shinran and Dostoevsky

Shinran and Dostoevsky.

A monk who lived from the late Heian to Kamakura periods, and on the other hand, a great writer representing 19th century Russia.

What if two people who seem to be completely unrelated actually have a significant connection?

This summary article describes such an encounter between me and Dostoevsky and why I, as a monk, must study Dostoevsky.

(53) Arrival in Colombo, a major city in Sri Lanka! Impressed by the beautiful seaside scenery! Introducing its cityscape!

Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka, with a combined population and urban area of over 2 million. The city, which is also the center of business in Sri Lanka, is developing remarkably, and high-rise buildings are being constructed one after another. I was surprised as soon as I arrived at the city that it is almost as developed and beautiful as Japan's metropolitan area.

Shinran and Dostoevsky/World Literature