Tanzania and Turkey

TanzaniaTanzania and Turkey

To the cradle of mankind! Monk Takahiro Ueda's Circumnavigation of the World: Tanzania

My round-the-world journey began on March 26, 2019.

The first country to commemorate this event was Tanzania in Africa.

My destination is the Olduvai Valley.

I set out on my trip because I really wanted to see this landscape, which is called the cradle of mankind.

The question of what religion is cannot be separated from the history of the birth of humanity.

The shock I felt when I learned of this had a tremendous impact on me.

What is told in the Tanzania section is a record that turns to the history of religion and human evolution.

IstanbulTanzania and Turkey

Istanbul and Heian-kyo: Surprising Similarities Regarding the Transfer of the Capital, Turkey Part 4

This article will explore the history and secrets of the Old City of Istanbul, which is surrounded by the sea.

The city's prosperity was triggered by the transition of the Roman Empire.

The choice of Constantine, the emperor of the time, as the new capital of the city laid the foundation for the development of the city. The relocation of the capital had something in common with the relocation of the capital to Heian-kyo in Japan.

Tanzania and Turkey

Wonderful Hagia Sophia - No problem even though it is under repair! Turkey Part 3

The Aya Sofia is one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul, along with the Blue Mosque.

Its history is long, dating back to 360 AD when it was first built. In the beginning, it was a building with a wooden roof, not as it looks today.

Although it was destroyed by fire several times due to warfare, it was rebuilt in 537, which is the prototype of the current Hagia Sophia.

I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of this structure that I was speechless!

Tanzania and Turkey

A must-see for coffee lovers! A visit to a famous coffee plantation in Kilimanjaro! Tanzania Part 8

This time, I had something to look forward to as I was going to Tanzania.

That is the tour of a coffee plantation.

Tanzania is known for its Kilimanjaro coffee.

I was very interested in how coffee, which I usually drink with great relish, is grown and harvested.

I will tell you about my experience on a coffee farm, where I was thinking to myself that the coffee I usually drink must be even better if I saw it in person.