French Literature, History and Culture

デパートの誕生French Literature, History and Culture

Shigeru Kashima, "The Birth of Department Stores" - Why Do We Want to Buy? What is the secret of learning from the long-established department stores in Paris?

According to Kashima, "department stores are not only a purely capitalistic institution, they are its ultimate expression.

Why is this, he says, because "the inherent capitalist process of buying things not by necessity but by desire is precisely the one triggered by department stores.

In other words, the birth of the department store was so significant that the capitalist system we live under today began here. Why do we "want things"? In this book, we can learn the origin of the desire capitalism that stimulates it.

This book is a very valuable work as a business bible. It is a very stimulating and interesting work of cultural and world history, but it is also an extravagant book in which you can learn about the mechanics of business.

French Literature, History and Culture

Masakatsu Adachi, "Sanson the Executioner," model for Jojo Part 7 Gyro Zeppeli! Recommended work to learn about the life of Monsieur de Paris!





French Literature, History and Culture

Gaston Leroux's "Phantom of the Opera" Synopsis and Impressions - The original musical by the Shiki Theatre Company was full of suspense!

The Phantom of the Opera is a musical that I also love. It was a very enjoyable read of its original work. It is best to think of it as something completely different from the musical. This is one story that can be enjoyed as such. It is easy to read and the harrowing developments made it a quick read.

I highly recommend it to fans of musicals. It shows what a monster Andrew Lloyd-Webber was in adapting this original story into a musical. This was very interesting to me as well. I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

French Literature, History and Culture

R.J. Goldsteen, "Political Censorship: in Nineteenth-Century Europe," The Turbulent Nineteenth Century. What did it mean for publishing, music, and culture?




French Literature, History and Culture

Shigeru Kashima, "Girardin, King of Newspapers" A book recommended to learn about the birth of media journalism! What is the amazing life of the man who transformed the newspaper industry?




French Literature, History and Culture

Haruki Murakami's "Dance Dance Dance" Synopsis and Impressions - My reading history began with this work.


It is "Dance Dance Dance" that reminds me of my school days and my twenties. This work is a treasure for me today.

French Literature, History and Culture

Balzac's "Disillusionment" Synopsis and Impressions - A naked expose of the inner workings of the media and publishing industry, where anything goes if it sells! A shocking work!

This is a remarkable work that exposes the realities of the French media and publishing industry in the mid-19th century. Balzac himself was in the publishing business, and he knows the ins and outs of the industry. In this work, Balzac's relentless criticism of the media unfolds. Of course, this is not mere criticism; it is also Balzac's heartrending wish. His wish for a world in which truly good things are properly appreciated is evident in this work.

French Literature, History and Culture

Summary and Impressions of Kosei Ogura's "The Social History of "The Secret of Paris"" - What is Eugène Hsu's Newspaper Novel that Influenced Dostoevsky and Marx?




French Literature, History and Culture

Shigeru Kashima, "A Literary Guide to Paris" - A guidebook to Paris for fans of French literature! Read this and you will want to go to Paris!

This book will be a guide to Paris by Shigeru Kashima, a well-known French literary scholar on our blog.




French Literature, History and Culture

Tsuji Chang's "The Life of Victor Hugo" Summary and Impressions - A recommended biography of the great Frenchman Hugo!