Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

List of 12 recommended Marx biographies - to learn more about the life and thought of Marx Engels.

I am not a Marxist.

But I believe that studying Marx is a very important way to learn about religion and human beings.

Why did Marx's thought attract so many people?

How was Marx's thought developed?

Who was Marx in the first place, and under what historical background did he live?

The biographies we will present hereafter will be a great help in learning such things.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Tristram Hunt, "Engels: The Man Marx Called General" - A recommended biography to learn about the life and thought background of the genius who supported Marx!

This biography does not take the position of overly glorifying or attacking Marx or Engels. It distances itself from such excessive ideological bias and is based solely on historical facts.

And this book showed me how much Engels had influenced Marx's writings.

It was such a great biography that I think you will learn more about Marx by reading this book than by reading a biography or commentary of Marx. I would highly recommend reading this book in addition to the biography of Marx.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Kanji Tamagawa, "'Capitalism' and the Age of the Industrial Revolution: Marx's View of British Capitalism" - An attractive reference book with realistic articles based on on-site reporting.

There are many books written about the Industrial Revolution, but a book that takes a closer look at the Industrial Revolution from the perspective of "as Marx and Engels saw it" is quite rare. I also appreciate the many photos and illustrations.

Marx and Engels actually lived through and witnessed the Industrial Revolution era. It is because of their actual experiences that their ideas and works were born. I think it is very important to know what the Industrial Revolution was like and how they thought about it in order to learn about their ideas.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Thomas Nipperdije, "German History 1800-1866" - Recommended for a historical background of 18th and 19th century Germany, which gave birth to Goethe, Marx, and others!

The book features a detailed look at the historical background of Germany from the end of the 18th to the 19th century from various angles.

Ideas and cultures are greatly influenced by the historical background of the time. It is not just one person's ideology or theory that has moved the world, but the complex political situation, international politics, and historical trends that are behind the ideology or theory. This book points out the danger of talking about the world based on ideas and ideologies without looking at the historical background, history, and culture.
I think it is a very useful book for viewing the whole picture of 19th century Germany. I highly recommend you to pick up a copy.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Ulrike Hermann, "Smith, Marx, and Keynes: A Revived Prescription for Crisis" - Recommended for an introduction to the flow of classical economics!

What is the difference between pre-Marx and Marx? What is the difference between post-Marx and Marx?

This book is very easy to understand because you can compare and see such things. After all, some things can only be seen by comparing them.

This book is a wonderful way to look at Marx in the context of history and the historical background. It is a gem written from a very broad perspective.

This is a book that I would highly, highly recommend. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn not only Marx, but also Adam Smith and Keynes.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Marx without Myths: An Edited Historical Study of His Life and Writings - The best way to understand what Marx was referring to!

What I appreciate about this book is that it explains in detail what Marx's influences were and what kind of research he did in reference to them.

Moreover, it is listed in chronological order, which is very helpful in Marx research. Thanks to this work, I can refer to what I am going to read in the future.

This was very interesting to me because Marx was famous for being a voracious reader and student, and it is easy to see what he was reading.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Francis Wheen, "The Life of Karl Marx" - Biography by the English writer in pursuit of the human Marx.




Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Jacques Attali, "Marx, the World Spirit" - Large biography by the French thinker.

Jacques Attali is a French journalist and a well-known member of the French Socialist Party who also served as the brain behind the Mitterrand administration.
Although the author says that he is not a "Marxist" in his position, you can tell that he loves Marx. This is a biography written with a great deal of appreciation for Marx. It is difficult to be completely neutral about anything, but I feel a defensive atmosphere toward Marx. It is my impression that the book is a form of defending Marx and praising him quite a bit as a result of the pose of being neutral and based on historical facts.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

E. H. Carr, "Karl Marx: His Life and the Formation of His Thought" - Recommended biography with excellent analysis of "Why Marxism Attracted People".

The greatest appeal of this biography is, above all, the analysis of why Marx attracted so many people.

There is tremendous value in this book just to read this analysis. In fact, I might even say that you should pick up the book to read this analysis. It is such a sharp analysis. I highly recommend this book!

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Jonathan Sperber, "Marx: The Life of a Nineteenth-Century Man" - A neutral and balanced recommended biography of the human Marx!

This book is a very useful biography of Marx as a historical figure.

Books on Marx tend to be heavily infiltrated with the author's own principles, but in this book, the author, as a historian, tries to distance himself as much as possible from such stereotypical research.

It was very interesting to learn how Marx went through the process of "Capitalism".

My impression is that this biography was the easiest to read if you want to learn about Marx's life.