Bosnia and Croatia

Bosnia and Croatia

I was impressed by too beautiful Dubrovnik dyed by the setting sun! Croatia Part 5

Dubrovnik at sunset is also wonderful.

The beauty of the red roofs, the blue of the sea, and the green of the island.

These complement each other.

And the slightly dull wall color. The color of the walls of the houses surely adds a sense of serenity to this landscape.

If the view had been only the red of the roofs, it would not have been so exquisitely beautiful, even in the famous Dubrovnik.

Bright red and calm light brown.

This perfect balance may be what makes this landscape look so pleasant.

Bosnia and Croatia

Spectacular view! The panoramic view of Mount Surj overlooking Dubrovnik and the power of the descent on foot Croatia Part 4

After admiring Dubrovnik's city walls, I decided to head to the Mount Surj Viewpoint, which offers a great view of the old town. Mount Surj is a mountain from which you can look down on the old town from just above, and it is easily accessible from the city center by a ropeway.

I had enjoyed the spectacular view from the Mount Surji Observatory, but here I dared to make the return trip down the mountain on foot.

It was truly a wonderful experience to descend the mountain with the view of the old city, which was gradually getting bigger and bigger.

Bosnia and Croatia

Enjoy the Old Town of Dubrovnik and Adriatic Sea Small Pleasure Cruise Croatia Part 3

After a very satisfying tour of the city walls, I decided to take a walk in the old town.

The main street, Plazza Street, is very lively.

Then we went out to the yacht harbor, where there were a number of cruise receptionists and a battle of the callers.

I had not originally planned to take the cruise, but I was so impressed by the city walls that I decided to take the cruise on short notice.

Bosnia and Croatia

Spectacular view! Morning tour of Dubrovnik city walls! Enjoy the pearl of the Adriatic Sea! Croatia Part 2

The old town of this city is surrounded by high city walls. The staff at the inn recommended it to me as a must-see when visiting the city.

As I began to walk along the city walls, a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea suddenly met my eyes. The view of the yacht harbor and the historic buildings of the old town are in perfect harmony. This is wonderful! I am instantly excited. I was instantly enchanted by the view.

The beautiful red roofs of the old town up close and the panoramic view of the entire old town from above. A tour of the city walls offers the best of both worlds.

BosniaBosnia and Croatia

Security Information for Bosnia and Sarajevo (as of May 2019), Bosnia (⑲)

In this article I will discuss the security situation in Sarajevo as of 2019. We hope you will find it useful for your trip.

And what is important is that you should study there thoroughly before going abroad, since various websites now introduce security measures when traveling abroad.

Also, remain vigilant and on guard throughout the trip.

This will greatly reduce the probability of damage.

"I protect myself."

With that mindset, I believe you will be able to enjoy yourself wherever you go abroad, including Bosnia.

Bosnia is truly a fascinating country.

There may be some concern about security, but there is no need to be overly fearful.

Although not yet a major tourist destination in Japan, we highly recommend this country.

Bosnia and Croatia

The best of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⑱.

The Bosnia section, which I have been writing over 18 articles, is finally in its final stages.

The Bosnia section has been quite a heavy article as I have been writing about the conflict as my main theme.

I am sorry that this may have been a painful experience for everyone who read it.

But Bosnia is more than that.

Bosnia is a very attractive country to visit. Although Bosnia is in Europe, it is an exotic country that is different from Europe.

Although the country may still be unfamiliar to Japanese, it is currently attracting particular attention in Europe as a new popular tourist destination.

Therefore, I would like to conclude the Bosnia section with an introduction to the country's attractions.