Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Emile Zola's "Paris" Synopsis and Comments - From Lugon McCall to Beyond! This is Zola! How does a serious confrontation with religion end!

Paris" is the culmination of Zola's work on the "Lugon McCall Series. It is a work that is full of Zola's character, and one might be tempted to call it "THE Zolaism.

I feel that Zora is exactly what Japan needs today.

Perhaps no other writer has analyzed the workings of society as dispassionately as Zola and sought justice and truth.

Paris" is the best work I've ever seen. It made me love Zola even more. I hope it will spread to many people.

Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Synopsis and Comments on Zola's untranslated work "Rome" - Zola's indictment of the Vatican, which criticized the corrupt Vatican and inspired religious figures to rise to the occasion.




Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Synopsis and Impressions of Zola's Untranslated Work "Lourdes" - How Zola, who values scientific analysis, viewed the "Miracle of the Fountain of Lourdes".




Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Alain Pagès, "The Dreyfus Affair: Truth and Legend" - Falsification of documents and fabrication of evidence by the state - This is the book to learn more about the Dreyfus Affair!





Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Zola Fan's Must-See Movie "Officer and Spy" Synopsis and Comments - "I Impeach! A masterpiece about the famous Dreyfus Affair in the

文書改竄 証拠捏造





Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Kazuo Ozaki, "Zola: Person and Thought 73" - Recommended biography to learn about Zola's life, characteristics, and the Dreyfus Affair!



Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Kimiko Shinseki, "Cézanne and Zola: Their Art and Friendship" - A recommended work that examines whether his best friend Cézanne Zola really abstained!




Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Read "Department Stores Finally Enter 'Era of Great Store Closures,' Tokyo Shoko Research Explains" on Yahoo!




Zola and DostoevskyEmile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Emile Zola and Dostoevsky Summary - Reading the "Lugon McCall Series


I myself never thought I would go this far with France, so I am very satisfied with the unexpected harvest, even though I feel that I have come a long way.

To be honest, I never really liked France, but now I find myself rather liking it. I am ashamed to say that I now have an itch to go to Paris.

It is not that I did not like to eat, but the experience reminded me that when you get to know a person well, you can see unexpected good points.

Taiji KimuraEmile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Taiji Kimura, "The Revolution of Impressionism" Zola and French Impressionism: Cézanne, Manet, and Monet

In the previous articles, we have considered various aspects of "why Zola is minor and Dostoevsky is popular in Japan," but this time we will change our perspective a bit and talk about Zola and French Impressionist paintings.