biography of Dostoevsky

アンナの日記biography of Dostoevsky

Dostoevskaya, "Diary of Mrs. Dostoevsky, Anna" - A first-class source of information about Dostoevsky's miserable life due to his gambling addiction.

This diary describes Dostoevsky's madness to the hilt.

Dostoevsky is a gambling maniac who gambles all his money and loses, and eventually pawns his wedding ring and runs off to the gambling hall.

In her diary, Mrs. Anna's sadness, frustration, and resentment at seeing off such a husband are recorded along with her tears. Dostoevsky at this time is truly the ultimate bad person.

It can no longer be described as spectacular. It is far more dramatic and shocking than reading an ordinary novel.

回想のドストエフスキーbiography of Dostoevsky

Anna Dostoevskaya, "Dostoevsky in Recollection" - What a great writer from his wife's point of view. Read this and you will love Dostoevsky!

This is a memoir written by Dostoevsky's wife, Mrs. Anna, and I fell in love with Dostoevsky from the bottom of my heart after reading this book.

Dostoevsky is a useless man who becomes addicted to gambling and becomes a stooge. This is a wonderful biography that shows many unexpected facets of Dostoevsky, such as Dostoevsky who continues to write even though he suffers for his living, a loving wife, and a childless man. Please read it. You will love Dostoevsky!

ネチャーエワbiography of Dostoevsky

V. Nechayeva, "Dostoevsky: Photographs and Records" - A Biography of Dostoevsky in Photographs and Drawings

As the book title suggests, this biography contains a large number of photographs and drawings. This is the main feature of this biography.

This biography is a clear departure from previous biographies that have focused on the written word.

This biography reminds me of a Japanese history resource book I had when I was in junior high or high school. That book was full of pictures and illustrations.

You will find more and more illustrations of Dostoevsky's works, Russian landscapes, and portraits of people associated with Dostoevsky that you had never seen before.

A very useful biography for reference!

ドリーニンbiography of Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky: Recollections of a Contemporary" edited by Dolinin - A valuable reference book to listen to the testimony of a person who knew Dostoevsky intimately.

In other biographies, the biographer writes the story through Dostoevsky's works, letters, and other sources, but Dolinin, the author of this work, does not use such a method.

The biography is unique in that it is entirely in the voices of those who had direct contact with Dostoevsky.

This allows for a different portrayal of Dostoevsky than other biographies and a more realistic view of the life Dostoevsky spent.

It was especially interesting to see Dostoevsky when he was a student.

Dostoevskybiography of Dostoevsky

Pierre Pascal, "Dostoevskii" - A compact biography of Dostoevsky from a Christian perspective.

In this biography, Pierre Pascal will examine how Dostoevsky was influenced by Christianity.

To understand Dostoevsky, an understanding of Christianity is inevitable. However, surprisingly few works focus on this in their biographies.

The text of the biography is also reasonably sized, at approximately 150 pages. This biography is recommended for those interested in Dostoevsky and religion.

トロワイヤbiography of Dostoevsky

Henri Troyer, "Biography of Dostoevsky" - The most recommended biography of Dostoevsky

The distinctive feature of Henri Troyer's biography is its narrative narration.

As I read on, I somehow became emotionally involved with Dostoevsky, and I almost cried at the moment of Dostoevsky's glory in his last days. It was as if I was reading a moving narrative novel.

The life of the struggling Dostoevsky flows before your eyes as if you are watching a movie.

This is a highly recommended Dostoevsky biography.