English literature

Shakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Shakespeare's "As You Like It" Synopsis and Impressions - Famous for the quote "All the world's a stage"! A great success of the brilliant Rosalind!


You can savor Shakespeare's connotative quotes or enjoy the lightness of the story.

I believe that the easy familiarity of this work is something to be appreciated, in my opinion.

I highly recommend this work.

Shakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" Synopsis and Comments - Set in the Roman Empire after the death of Caesar! A story of the rise and fall of a man addicted to love.


This work is very interesting to read in the vein of "Julius Caesar" to get a sense of the grand rise and fall of the Roman Empire.



Shakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Tsunsen Fukuda, "Ningen, Kono Dramatic Naru Mono" - A famous book by the playwright famous for his translation of Shakespeare! Don't believe in individuality, for human beings seek the inevitable.

The author, Tsunsen Fukuda, is famous for his translations of Shakespeare's works and I have always been a big fan of his work. I like the Shinchosha version of Shakespeare and am always impressed by the cool lines and language.

This book was first published in 1956 and is still in heavy print. Even today, it does not feel old at all.

What is self, what is individuality, what is freedom?

I recommend this book to get to the root of what we are all about. I highly recommend it! I hope you will pick up a copy.

Dickens.Dickens, England's greatest writer

Seven recommended works by the great British author Dickens - a literary giant famous for his heartwarming works such as "A Christmas Carol".





ShakespeareShakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

12 Shakespeare Recommendations - Interesting both on stage and in book form! Discover the charm of Shakespeare!

Shakespeare's influence is immeasurable when considering world literature.

And above all, Shakespeare's works are interesting!

It is wonderful to read about it in a book, and the excitement of seeing it live on stage is beyond words.

Therefore, we would like to recommend Shakespeare's works here, which are good to watch and read.

弦巻楽団Shakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Strings Band "You Can't Hurry Love! A recommended play from Sapporo! A slapstick romantic comedy about a hard-nosed Shakespearean scholar

I have introduced Shakespeare's works so far, but when I think of Shakespeare, this "You Can't Hurry Love! is a play that I cannot miss.


This work has a mysterious charm. There is a freshness that lightens the viewer's heart.


ジュリアス・シーザーShakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" Synopsis and Impressions - A masterpiece famous for Caesar's famous quote "Brutus, you too?

The die is cast, Crossing the Rubicon, I came, I saw, I won, Brutus, you too?

Some of these may ring a bell.


Julius Caesar" was a work that left a strong impression on me. It was most interesting to read after knowing the synopsis and background. I highly recommend it.

MacbethShakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Shakespeare's "Macbeth" Synopsis and Comments - "Until Burnham's Wood comes to Dunsinane."

The tragedy of Macbeth's attempt on the throne, seduced by the witches, is the main theme of this work.

The storyline is fast-paced and breathtaking. The witch's mysterious prophecy is also an exquisite foreshadowing, and it is really interesting to see how it will be recovered.


This piece is also one of my particular favorites. I highly recommend this work.

King LearShakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Shakespeare's "King Lear" Synopsis and Comments - The world's greatest masterpiece of tragedy! Who can say, "I'm at rock bottom, too?"





The Merchant of VeniceShakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" Synopsis and Impressions - A classic comedy full of wit and highlights.