Dostoevsky's works

Portrait of DostoevskyDostoevsky's works

An episode in the making of Perov's "Portrait of Dostoevsky! The true face of the artist as seen by the painter.

I have been studying "Shinran and Dostoevsky" since the summer of 2019, and the more I learn, the more I become attached to it, to the point that I finally bought a framed portrait of it to hang in my room.

And the artist who painted this Dostoevsky is Perloff, who is introduced here.

In this article we will look at the episode that led to this portrait. We learn about Dostoevsky's unique love of children.

DostoevskyDostoevsky's works

Four recommended works of Dostoevsky! A selection of gems and masterpieces of interesting Russian literature!




DostoevskyDostoevsky's works

Dostoevsky Chronology and List of Works - A quick look at Dostoevsky's life

This article includes a list of Dostoevsky's works and a brief chronology of his life.

Dostoevsky's life is a tumultuous one that cannot be described in a simplified chronology. Especially around the time of his outing to Europe with his wife Anna, he had a spectacular gambling-crazed life.

Dostoevsky's works are also closely related to his life. Knowing his life will be a great help in understanding his works.

The Brothers KaramazovDostoevsky's works

The Brothers Karamazov Synopsis and Comments - Dostoevsky's greatest work! What is God? What is life? What is freedom?

It has been 120 years since "The Brothers Karamazov" was first published. There is a good reason why it continues to be loved by many people even after such a long time has passed.

I think it is because of the charm of this story, something that appeals to readers, that it continues to be read in this way.

The Brothers Karamazov is one of my favorite Dostoevsky works and one to which I have a strong emotional attachment.

Although it is difficult to pick up this work because it is a full-length novel, I heartily recommend it.

minorDostoevsky's works

Dostoevsky's "The Minor" Synopsis and Thoughts - A hidden masterpiece from his later years! 'I want to be a Rothschild.

Dostoevsky's depiction of Russian chaos was so complex and bizarre that it shattered the still immature "underage" Arkazy into pieces of wood.

The fall of Dostoevsky's former utopia of "Europe" and the chaos of Russia.

What can save people in such dire circumstances? This is the question Dostoevsky asks his readers in this work.

The issues raised in this work would later mature and be incorporated into the last major work, "The Brothers Karamazov.

Although "Minors" has been overshadowed by other works, it contains something very important in terms of ideology.

Writer's DiaryDostoevsky's works

The Diary of a Writer" Synopsis and Impressions - If you want to get to know Dostoevsky's personality, this is the film for you!

The Diary of a Writer is full of tender looks at the oppressed, including children and women.

I myself felt Dostoevsky's personality and gentle gaze for the first time when I read "Diary of a Writer.

This is a great book to learn about Dostoevsky's personality.

Although the work is quite voluminous, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Dostoevsky.

evil spiritDostoevsky's works

Dostoevsky's "Evil Spirits" Synopsis and Impressions - Dostoevsky's masterpiece exposes the gruesome reality of revolutionaries.

The magical power of this work is immeasurable.

Strong-willed characters clash and assert themselves on a single stage.

As if possessed by an "evil spirit," the villains cleverly and cruelly plunge society into chaos. The process is so realistic that it made my stomach churn with emotion.

The story soon progresses to an ultimate showdown between life and death, and one cannot take one's eyes off what will happen next, or what is going on in their hearts.

This is a terrific piece of work.

Dostoevsky's works

Dostoevsky's "The Eternal Husband" Synopsis and Comments - A strange love triangle between a beautiful wife, her cuckold husband, and an adulterous man.

The Eternal Husband" is a brilliant work in Dostoevsky's signature psychological portrayal of the chaos of the deep mind, where one never knows what one might do. Although it is a bit of a tough introduction to Dostoevsky, I highly recommend this work for those who are into Dostoevsky.

The volume of the novel is also a medium-length novel, which means that the page count is reasonable for Dostoevsky.

idiocyDostoevsky's works

Dostoevsky's "The Moron" Synopsis and Comments - The Creation of Christ - Deep Relationship with Don Quixote and Remise

Although it aims to portray Christ as "an unconditionally beautiful human being," it is more than enough to enjoy without any knowledge of Christianity. (Of course, it is better to know about it to appreciate it more deeply.)

It is such an outstanding work of fiction and art.

Although it is a work that has not been shown much in the shadows of Crime and Punishment, it is very highly regarded as one of Dostoevsky's masterpieces. It is interesting. I strongly recommend it.