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Rashomon, noseYukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "Rashomon: The Nose" Synopsis and Thoughts - I want to read it now that I am an adult! A masterpiece that captures that decisive moment of progression to evil!

Well - even so, Akutagawa's short story technique is brilliant! An eerie presence appears in the darkness of the night after ascending Rashomon. Even as an adult, I still find myself engrossed in the story, wondering what is out there. It's almost like a cinematic technique, and the sense of realism is incredible.

In this work, Akutagawa decisively captures the moment when a man embarks on a path of evil. The last part of the work, in which the subtle psychological state of this man is exquisitely captured, is a masterpiece.

Rashomon" is harsh. It shows us the harsh, harsh world as much as possible. It leads us to the very point of what it means to embark on the path of evil. It is truly a wonderful work.

This article will also discuss the connection between Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Russian literature, particularly Gogol.

蜘蛛の糸Yukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "The Spider's Thread" Synopsis and Impressions - A famous short story, famous as a Buddhist fairy tale! A thread of salvation hung in hell!



人間失格Yukio Mishima and Japanese Literature






美しい星Yukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Yukio Mishima's "A Beautiful Star" Synopsis and Impressions - That Mishima wrote a science fiction novel! Also the connection with the Brothers Karamazov!


Moreover, this work is extremely easy to read. It is so easy to read that if the author's name was withheld, you would not know it was Yukio Mishima. Furthermore, the immersive feeling is so strong that you find yourself completely immersed in the world of the novel. The fact that the members of the Osugi family are aliens and the existence of other aliens appear in the middle of the story, but they are so exquisitely spoon-fed that it is hard to tell where they are real and where they are science fiction. We find ourselves unwittingly caught in the middle of Mishima's calculated literary artifice. This is interesting. Simply interesting!

Well, it was a brilliant piece of work.

ラジオの戦争責任Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia





World History from a Nomadic PerspectiveChinese Buddhism, Thought and History

Masaaki Sugiyama, "World History from a Nomadic Perspective" - An exciting book that shatters our preconceptions! To gain a multifaceted view of history