Dostoevsky Society

The Dostoevsky Society is a broad-based civic gathering of people who love to read and study Dostoevsky.

 The meeting is held about once every two months, and there is no distinction between specialists and non-specialists. *From the website

I, Takahiro Ueda, am also a member, and you can find various information related to Dostoevsky on our website.

Page of T. Kinoshita, administrator

This is the homepage of Mr. Toyofusa Kinoshita, chairman of the Dostoevsky Society.

Professor Emeritus, Chiba University

He has also served as Vice President of the International Dostoevsky Society since 1995.

His books include "Dostoevsky and His Dialogic World" 2002 (Seibunsha) and "Dostoevsky's Image of the Author" 2016 (Torikagesha),

He is the author of many books, including Anna Dostoevskaya's "Mrs. Dostoevskyi, Anna's Diary" 1979 (Kawade Shobo Shinsha), which he has translated.

note DJ Prapancha

DJ Prapancha's page in the media platform NOTE.

It is a great read with interesting articles about Buddhism. I am always grateful for your help.

In particular, he spoke in detail about Sri Lankan BuddhismThe Circular Dream Tale: The Myth of "True Buddhism."This is a very stimulating series of articles. It is an excellent article that gives us a great insight into Japanese Buddhism.

DJ Prapancha also provides information on X (formerly Twitter), which is also recommended.

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