Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

有閑階級の理論Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Veblen, "The Theory of the Aristocracy" - The secrets of wealth, desire, and human psychology are laid bare! A masterful book full of bombshells!

No one who reads this book will ever look at the consumption of goods the same way again."

That's exactly right! In this book, there are a lot of naked bombshells that make you want to say, "You can't say that! But when you think about it, you can't help but nod your head and say, "Well, maybe Veblen is right....

There are tremendously exciting words that keep coming up in this book. I can only say that you should read and experience this. I hope you will enjoy Veblen's bombshells.

It was a real pleasure to encounter this book through Hirofumi Uzawa. It was a work that left a strong impact on me as well. I would highly recommend this work.

社会的共通資本Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Hirofumi Uzawa, "Social Common Capital" - Proposals by a leading Japanese economist who was one of the first to advocate the commons!

This book was published in 2000. Now it is 2023, and I feel that the world is even worse off than the world Hirofumi Uzawa saw. What would Hirofumi Uzawa say if he were alive today? This is a big question for me to think about.

Reflect on the excesses of capitalism and rethink social common capital. This book makes it clear that this is an urgent task. It makes you think about how critical the situation is today.

This recommendation by a leading Japanese economist is so valuable.

It may be a little tough to start reading from this book suddenly, so we recommend you start with "The Man Who Fought Against Capitalism: Hirofumi Uzawa and the World of Economics" by Minoru Sasaki.

自動車の社会的費用Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Hirofumi Uzawa, "The Social Cost of Automobiles" - A classic book that cuts to the heart of the structure of Japan's automobile industry and environmental issues, and is a must-read now!

This book is first of all written for the general reader and is not a technical book. The hope is that this book will encourage many people to think about current economic issues. Therefore, rather than discussing difficult economic theories, Hirofumi Uzawa chooses topics that can be considered as problems close to one's own heart.

The book was published almost 50 years ago, in 1974.

We can only be surprised that so many proposals were made against capitalism at that point in time.

At a time when Marxism was at the height of its criticism of capitalism, Hirofumi Uzawa continued to criticize it from within economics instead.

This is a book that has made me more and more interested in the person of Hirofumi Uzawa.

われらの子どもMarx Engels Writings and Related Works

R. D. Putnam, "Our Children - The Growing Opportunity Gap in the United States" - A recommended reference book to learn about educational disparity and family environment!





フリーフォールMarx Engels Writings and Related Works

Stiglitz, "Free Fall" - Proposals by the Nobel economist who harshly criticized neoliberalism!





資本主義と闘った男Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Minoru Sasaki, "The Man Who Fought Capitalism: Hirofumi Uzawa and the World of Economics" - Recommended biography of one of Japan's leading economists!

Hirofumi Uzawa discusses American-style neoliberalism, environmental issues, and inequality from the perspective of "social common capital. He is not a theoretical thinker, but a man who went to the Minamata Disease site and continued to fight against the reality of the disease.

I was also struck by the way he continues to practice in the field despite being an economist.

It should not be overlooked that his experiences at a Zen temple as a young man influenced him throughout his life.

Anyway, the scale is so huge!

I too am confused as to what to tell you. It is such an intense life.

It is a masterpiece of a masterpiece that I hope as many people as possible will read. I am sure that reading this book will spark a spark in your mind. You will be surprised to know that there is such an amazing person in Japan!

Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Yohei Nakajima, "The Eve of Socialism: Saint-Simon, Owen, and Fourier" - Was Marx's label of imaginary socialists unjustified?

Saint-Simon, Owen, and Fourier were labeled "fantastical socialists" by Marx Engels. This book looks at whether these three men were really fantastical socialists.

As stated in the book introduction above, this is a stimulating work that provides an insight into its reality, which is "neither fanciful nor socialist".

Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Shuntaro Kondo, "Shinran and Marxism: Struggle, Ideology, and Universality" - Recommended reference book for understanding the relationship between the Shinshu cult and Marxism.

In the book, it is pointed out that "Marxism may also be religious," and this is precisely what we have been thinking about for a long time on this blog.

It was very interesting to read this book, as it seemed to link what is discussed in the book with my own thoughts that Marxism also has a religious aspect.

I guess you could say that I am just the opposite of the book's approach, as I did not go to Marx from the study of the True Religion cult, but rather from Marx himself, his ideological background, and the historical background to religion.

Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Daniel Kahneman, "Fast & Slow" Summary and Comments - A recommended film to learn that humans are irrational beings!




Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

R. Saylor, "Behavioral Economics Strikes Back" Summary and Comments - Recommended work to learn what makes behavioral economics different from conventional economics.

Thinking everything rationally, understanding the economy through mathematical formulas, and trying to apply it in practice does not work so well. If it were possible, shouldn't the economy run better? If it doesn't work, then maybe the premise was wrong in the first place.

So you can learn about the author's years of research and the path taken by a group of behavioral economists.

It has given me a very interesting perspective on Marx that I have been updating on my blog. This was a much appreciated piece.