History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

Stalin's LibraryHistory of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

Jeffrey Roberts, "Stalin's Library" - A novel biography of Stalin from the perspective of reading. How did he view Dostoevsky?

Hating him doesn't explain why and how he went to such lengths."

This is a very important point made by the author. If we put Stalin away as just a big bad man, that is where our thinking ends.

This is a very stimulating book that looks at Stalin from the perspective of "reading" to find out why he was able to become a dictator and what was behind his success. The author's courage to attack from a minor angle, "reading," which in a sense is not easily associated with dictatorships, is nothing short of amazing. It is very innovative.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

Questioning Shinran's theory of the righteousness of evildoers - I thought about the question, "Is there a way out (salvation) for evildoers like Stalin and Hitler?

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Recently I have been updating my articles on Stalin and Hitler, and I received a question from one of them.

In this article I have tried to note my own thoughts through that question.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

About Soviet Dictator Stalin - Learn about his personality and life "Learning from Stalin" Articles

I have studied Lenin followed by Stalin and have been amazed at the overwhelming scale of these two men.

In junior high and high school, students learn a bit of world history. However, in reality, we know very little about the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. I knew almost nothing about the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union until I came here.

I did not even know that Stalin was conducting purges on such a large scale.

And it was here that we learned about the trends that shaped the Soviet Union and the world that followed, as it was shaped by two charismatic figures, Lenin and Stalin.

Studying history is not simply looking at past events. It is about looking at the present using what we have learned as a yardstick.

Learning about Stalin also made for very interesting reading.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

Learn from Lenin" article about Lenin, the Soviet revolutionary

We have read "Lenin: Power and Love" 16 times.

I myself was so taken aback by this book that I read it in one sitting, so engrossed in it that I couldn't help but shout out. Such an exciting book is hard to find.

Above all, Lenin is a rather minor figure in Japan, even though his name is well known. I knew very little about him until I studied Soviet history.

But after reading this book, I realized that learning about Lenin is directly related to learning about the present day.

Lenin's political methods are still relevant today. In this book we have seen such fearful political skills of Lenin. We must also learn to protect ourselves from the politics of fear by politicians like him.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

Ziid's "Soviet Travels" - The moment when the French Nobel Prize-winning writer realized the reality of the Soviet Union, which he admired.

Ziid visited the Soviet Union, a country he had longed to visit, and had high hopes for how wonderful the country would be, but there he found out the reality of the situation. He wrote about his feelings in the book "Travels in Soviet Russia.

Ziid's "Travels in Soweto" was a very interesting book. This article will introduce some parts of it, but really there are many more parts that I would like to introduce! It is that interesting!

I urge everyone to pick up a copy for themselves. It is a very interesting book and I highly recommend it.

The content is also very closely related to Dostoevsky, so we highly recommend this work to Dostoevsky fans.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

The Island of Cannibalism: Stalin's Unknown Gulag" - The reality of the Soviet Union's disastrous starvation policy where cannibalism was rampant.

The book tells the story of why starvation was so great that such cannibalism occurred, and why Russia has become such an unregulated and lawless country.
The book is quite shocking, but it gives an insight into what was going on at the scene of the mass murder, the interactions between Moscow and Siberian bureaucrats, and the sloppy planning.

And above all, what happens to human beings in a situation of desperate hunger.

The book is full of very important insights not only into Russia, but also into human history. I highly recommend it.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

(9) Stalin with the times on his side - Stalin was not the only Stalin

It is true that Stalin himself had talent, but if the times did not call for it, he was destined to fade away without ever coming to the forefront. Stalin's emergence was precisely the most opportune time for him to demonstrate his power.

The violent conditions of the revolution became the arena in which Stalin grew into a giant leader of Russia. It was this situation that gave birth to Stalin, and it was the interaction between the two that led to the establishment of an increasingly violent structure of domination because of Stalin.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

(8) Stalin shows overwhelming charisma as the leader of a gang - The boss of the Georgian underworld

Stalin, aka "Soso," hid underground, pursued by the secret police.

With his exceptional charisma and leadership skills, he soon became a sort of gang leader.

Stalin had even come to lead Georgia's armed forces. And not only did he lead the armed forces, but he also gained connections with influential people in the region. To reach this point, one must not only be strong, but also have overwhelming charisma, negotiating skills, and the ability to read the world. At this point, Stalin had already begun to show glimpses of what he would become.

History of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin

(7) The Amazing Roughness of Stalin's Hometown of Gori and the Birth of Stalin the Reader

Stalin was born in the Georgian (Georgia) city of Gori.

The city of Gori is just so intense. The intensity of the city will be discussed in more detail in this article, but it was a den of unbelievably rough and tumble people.

Although Stalin grew up in such a rough-and-tumble den, he was an astonishingly well-read man. The reading he did at this time had a profound impact on Stalin's life. In this article, we will discuss Stalin's reading.