Is Marx a religious phenomenon?

Is Marx a religious phenomenon?

Historian E. H. Carr's Views on Marxism - Why Marxism Attracts People

In this biography, E. H. Carr will point out the problems in Marx's "Capitalism. He then discusses such contradictions as the famous "surplus value theory" and the "value of labor," and analyzes why Marx is believed by so many despite these problems.

It may be said that E. H. Carr, as a historian, takes a step back in his approach, not only in terms of economics, ideology, and ideology, but also in terms of his relationship with the world as a whole.

Is Marx a religious phenomenon?

Why I, a non-Marxist, study Marx - Marx as a religious phenomenon.

Marx criticized religion.

As one religious person, what do I say to Marx's criticism of religion?

This is a big challenge for me.

I am not a Marxist.

However, Marx had the magical power to move people all over the world. I think that is a fact. So what is the source of this magical power? Why did Marx's thought attract so many people? Who was Marx in the first place, and under what kind of historical background did he live? I believe that learning these things is a great clue to learning more about religion, or even about human beings themselves.