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heck-bent on robbing a robberYukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "Jigoken" Synopsis and Impressions - To complete the picture of hell, one must see hell... A masterpiece depicting the madness of a genius painter!

When I read this work, I find myself surrounded by tension as if I am watching a suspenseful movie. It is not so bad until the genius painter Yoshihide chains up his apprentice or sparks an owl. It's just like, "Here we go again with Yoshihide's eccentricities. But from there, a strange feeling of foreboding gradually emerges in our minds, and it becomes more and more eerie. We start to get nervous, thinking, "No way, what is Yoshihide trying to do? This style of storytelling, which gradually and progressively builds up fear and anxiety, is a model of vivid storytelling that can be said to be a model of mystery. This is indeed Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

This work even shows Akutagawa's ambition: "An artist of words can perfectly portray a mad painter who is trying to create a perfect picture.

It is easy to see why this work is regarded as a masterpiece among Akutagawa's literature.

デパートの誕生French Literature, History and Culture

Shigeru Kashima, "The Birth of Department Stores" - Why Do We Want to Buy? What is the secret of learning from the long-established department stores in Paris?

According to Kashima, "department stores are not only a purely capitalistic institution, they are its ultimate expression.

Why is this, he says, because "the inherent capitalist process of buying things not by necessity but by desire is precisely the one triggered by department stores.

In other words, the birth of the department store was so significant that the capitalist system we live under today began here. Why do we "want things"? In this book, we can learn the origin of the desire capitalism that stimulates it.

This book is a very valuable work as a business bible. It is a very stimulating and interesting work of cultural and world history, but it is also an extravagant book in which you can learn about the mechanics of business.

Age of ChangeBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia




This is a brilliant piece of work. As in the previous work, Wickramasinghe's fearsome descriptive power is felt in this work as well.

Reading PragueDiary of a Monk

24 novels recommended by book-loving monks - a quick look at recommended works at each level from introductory to advanced!

In this article, we will introduce novels that we highly recommend for each level of readers, from beginners to advanced readers.

Basically, the books introduced here are all great books that I recommend with confidence. All of them are extremely interesting works, so please take a look at the linked pages for the books that interest you, regardless of whether they are categorized as introductory or advanced.

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

Takahiro Ueda, "Impressions of the Summer Written in Autumn: A Journey to Paris and Georgia" Articles - A Journey to Learn from Tolstoy and Dostoevsky

For approximately one month, from mid-August to mid-September 2022, I have been traveling around Europe, mainly in Georgia.

This trip visited France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Georgia-Armenia.

Its main purpose was to see the Caucasus Mountains of northern Georgia to study Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

This article will list all 31 articles. We hope you will use it as a table of contents for "Impressions of Summer in Autumn.

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(14) To Zola's house in Medan, a suburb of Paris - with the gentle stream of the Seine loved by the great writers of France.





Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(13) I can't get enough of Monet's "Impression, Sunrise"! Enjoy its masterpieces at the Marmottan Monet Museum!




Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(9) A panoramic view of Paris from the Sacré Coeur: a huge church on the hill of Montmartre, associated with Zola's late masterpiece novel "Paris".

In our previous article, we introduced the places associated with Emile Zola's "Lugon Makkar Series".

And in this article, we will introduce the Sacré Coeur Abbey, the main setting of "Paris," the final volume of the "Three Cities Twins," which Zola wrote in full after completing the "Lugon-Macall Series.

This church is famous for its spectacular view of Paris, but from a Zola fan's point of view, it has a completely different meaning. What Zola thought about this church will be introduced in this article.