(12) Beginning of the Second India-Sri Lanka Expedition: Pilgrimage to Buddhist sites in south-central India and the Buddhist holy city of Sri Lanka

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(12) Beginning of the Second India-Sri Lanka Expedition: Pilgrimage to Buddhist sites in south-central India and the Buddhist holy city of Sri Lanka

After returning from India, I immediately started preparing for my next trip. After all, I only had about two months left before I left for my next trip.

After my too shocking baptism in India, I was already traumatized by Indian food. Therefore, I decided to bring as much food as possible on my next trip and to eat as little local food as possible. I also decided to bring a large quantity of coffee, herbal tea, and other tea bags that I am used to drinking.

Food is the source of energy. If I don't do something about this, it will be impossible to make a one-month expedition to India and Sri Lanka. After all, I had collapsed on the fourth day of my first trip to India. It was a very important question whether I would be able to endure this long stay in India.

Thus, while paying close attention to food and physical condition, I also reexamined my main travel route.

The original plan was to start in Delhi, travel south through India to Khajuraho, Saanchi, Mumbai, Ajanta, and Ellora, stay in Sri Lanka for about 10 days, and then return home. The total stay in Sri Lanka was less than 20 days.

However, as I returned to Japan and rapidly advanced my study of Sri Lanka, I found the country's Buddhist history to be quite fascinating. I had read several books about Sri Lanka before my first trip to India, but what I read after my return was so shocking that it shook my view of Buddhism.

this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)A list of recommended books to learn about the Buddhist country of Sri Lanka - Buddhism, history, literature, and other little-known attractions!"I have also introduced those books in the article of "I want to know more about Sri Lanka! I could no longer suppress my desire to learn more about Sri Lanka. I decided to extend my stay in Sri Lanka to three full weeks and planned an itinerary that would take me almost around the country.

I am sure you will be surprised by what I will tell you about Sri Lanka in my travelogue from here on. Sri Lanka has a different impact from that of India. Please look forward to it.

Of course, India this time was also full of very exciting and interesting places. I was particularly struck by the sculptures in Khajuraho, the first place I visited. The level of Hindu culture in India is extraordinary. It was an experience that made me feel it clearly.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple in KhajurahoWikipedia.

I was also greatly impressed by the Buddhist monuments of Ajanta and Ellora, which you can see in the photo above. In particular, the Buddhist sculptures at Ellora were truly numbing! The moment I entered the room, it was as if an electric current was coursing through my body. I still cannot forget that shock. This visit to India was also a truly stimulating experience.

So, from here, my visit to India will finally begin in earnest. In the following article, I would like to talk about my enthusiasm for this second expedition to India and about me after my return to India.

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