The Holy Land of DisneylandDreamland Disneyland Research

Masako Notoji, "Disneyland, the Holy Land" - A highly recommended book with an exciting perspective on Disney as a sacred place of faith and pilgrimage!




箱男Yukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Kobo Abe's "Box Man" Synopsis and Impressions - A dazzling world if you wear a box? A major influence on MGS director Hideo Kojima!






美しい星Yukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Yukio Mishima's "A Beautiful Star" Synopsis and Impressions - That Mishima wrote a science fiction novel! Also the connection with the Brothers Karamazov!


Moreover, this work is extremely easy to read. It is so easy to read that if the author's name was withheld, you would not know it was Yukio Mishima. Furthermore, the immersive feeling is so strong that you find yourself completely immersed in the world of the novel. The fact that the members of the Osugi family are aliens and the existence of other aliens appear in the middle of the story, but they are so exquisitely spoon-fed that it is hard to tell where they are real and where they are science fiction. We find ourselves unwittingly caught in the middle of Mishima's calculated literary artifice. This is interesting. Simply interesting!

Well, it was a brilliant piece of work.

ラジオの戦争責任Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia





Viewing the World from Sri LankaBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

A. C. Clarke, "Looking at the World from Sri Lanka" - A collection of essays by the famous science fiction author of "2001: A Space Odyssey" that let us know his love for Sri Lanka.

Arthur C. Clarke is a master of science fiction who, along with Stanley Kubrick, created that film "2001: A Space Odyssey.


When I learned of this, I did not hesitate to pick up this book.

Learning from the Bosnian Conflict and the Tragedy of the Rwandan Genocide: International Conflicts after the Cold War

7 recommended reference works to learn about the Rwandan genocide - there was a hell there that made me want to turn away...

The Rwandan genocide is so shocking. It could be a traumatic read. It is such a hell. One can only be horrified that human beings can be so cruel.

I learned about the Rwandan genocide this way because of the Bosnian conflict, but reading these books reminded me that Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia are not each unique and abnormal, but that we all have something in our nature that allows such things to happen and that we all could have done it. I was reminded once again that human nature is such that such things can happen, and that we all have the potential to do them.

It is a history that we would like to turn away from, but if we do not pass through it, history will repeat itself in a different form. To prevent this from happening, we must learn about the tragic human history.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

List of 16 Recommended Science Fiction and Dystopian Novels - Modern Society from Science Fiction and Dystopia

Science fiction novels are not only interesting in their own right, but they also pose big questions for those of us living in the present.

You may read for pleasure.

You can read it while carefully considering the world today.

I think the beauty of science fiction novels is that they can be enjoyed in many different ways.

In this article I recommend 15 such novels.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Shinichi Hoshi's "Bokko-chan" Synopsis and Comments - A collection of recommended shorts by a leading figure in Japanese science fiction!

I first became aware of the works of Hoshi Shinichi when a friend of mine who likes science fiction recommended them to me.

And when I started reading it, I was surprised by the impact of the work.

Oh," he said, "this is Shinichi Hoshi! So this is Shinichi Hoshi!"

I couldn't help but think so, it was a unique view of the world. This is amazing! I was completely fascinated by its ability to realize surprising developments in such a short number of pages!

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Keisuke Ito's "Harmony" Synopsis and Impressions - Dystopia of an advanced medical society where "life and health are more important than anything else

Keisuke Ito passed away at the young age of 34.

Keisuke Ito wrote his debut work "Slaughterhouse Organ" while battling cancer, and this work was also written under near terminal cancerous conditions.

What is life? What is illness and death?

That is what we will be going through with this work.

When I think of Keisuke Ito's own circumstances, I feel the weight of this work even more.