IndiaIndian thought, culture and history

List of recommended reference books to learn about Indian history, religion, and culture - The more you know, the more interesting the Indian swamp.

In this article I will present my recommendations for Indian reference books.

I am currently writing a series of articles on this blog entitled "[Travels to Buddhist Sites in India and Sri Lanka] A Journey to the Sacred Sites of Buddhism: What I Felt When I Was Called to India", and the books I am about to introduce have had a strong influence on me.

Kumagusu MinakataDiary of a Monk

Takamitsu Shimamoto, "Minakata Kumagusu, Cats and Islam" - Was the Conventional Image of Kumagusu Really Right? A stimulating book that questions the state of research on the great man!

This work, "Minakata Kumagusu, Cats, and Islam," is a departure from conventional reference books on Minakata Kumagusu.

Minakata Kumagusu is known as a "naturalist and folklorist with genius qualities" and is famous for his research on slime molds and plants.

Minakata Kumagusu's superhuman collection of materials and the scope of his research earned him the respect of later researchers. He was praised as a genius and a great man who was ahead of his time.

However, was this person, Minakata Kumagusu, really the great man he seemed to be? In this book, we will carefully examine whether the image of Minakata Kumagusu, filled with the praise of later researchers, was really correct.

It is a stimulating work that can be called a Minakata Kumagusu version of the now popular "Buddha, the Man" by Toshifumi Shimizu!

コーヒーの真実Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia






GhandiIndian thought, culture and history

Eijiro Hazama, "The Truth about Gandhi: What is Nonviolent Thought" - A recommended reference book to learn about Gandhi's personality and the core of his thought!

Everyone knows Mahatma Gandhi as a great man who played a major role in India's independence.

This work is a recommended reference book that provides a clear and detailed look at Gandhi's ideas, personality, and impact on society.

We are all familiar with Gandhi's famous phrase "nonviolence. However, what this "nonviolence" really means is not well known, or even misunderstood. This book raises such issues.

I am particularly shocked by chapters 5 and 6, which discuss Gandhi's religious views and his family problems. I too was like, "What? That's right!" I was surprised.

But this book is more than just gossip. Gandhi's ideas and personality are revealed through a variety of sources.

大乗仏教のアジアBuddhism in India

Mahayana Buddhism Series, Volume 10: Mahayana Buddhism in Asia" - Indian Buddhism also practiced funerary Buddhist bone worship, bone storage, and memorial services.





World History of Life 5Indian thought, culture and history

Noboru KARASHIMA and Yasuaki NARA, "The World History of Life 5: The Face of India" - Indian people's true intentions and preconceptions. A recommended book that provides a broad overview of the spirituality of the level of life!



Indian artIndian thought, culture and history

V. Dehesia, "Iwanami Sekai no Bijutsu: Indian Art" - All color, full of great photos! Recommended Indian Art Guidebook



Modern Indian ThoughtIndian thought, culture and history

Gen Nakamura Selected Works, Volume 31, "Ideas of Modern India" - Recommended for learning about the religious reforms in India and Hinduism after the Islamic invasion.



日本でわたしも考えたIndian thought, culture and history







インド思想史Buddhism in India

Gen Nakamura, "History of Indian Thought" - A famous book that is very useful for the study of Buddhism! Recommended reference book for an overview of the flow of Indian thought