Europe through Classical and Western Art

ひのまどか『音楽家の伝記 はじめに読む1冊 バルトーク』~ハンガリーの大作曲家バルトークのおすすめ伝記!


Europe through Classical and Western Art




Europe through Classical and Western Art





ViennaCzech Republic and Austria

Classical Concert at Karlskirche - A must for your stay in Vienna! First experience of authentic music in Austria (5)

Only one day of free movement is allowed in Vienna.

After agonizing over how to end the day, my answer was a church concert.

Vienna is the home of classical music.

I had no idea what a classical music was, but I still wanted to listen to the real classical music.

However, it is awkward to suddenly go to a full-fledged concert that requires a dress code.

I did some research and found that in Vienna, concerts are held everywhere every day.

One of the concerts that came up as a recommendation was at Carls Church. In this article I will tell you about my experience there.

ViennaCzech Republic and Austria

Schönbrunn Palace, home of the Habsburgs - a peek into life in the royal palace, Austria (3)

Now, the next stop is Schönbrunn Palace, the pride of Austria and a World Heritage Site.

This is the royal palace where the Habsburgs lived for more than 600 years from the late 13th century to 1918, which has been mentioned many times in the Czech section.

The home of the world's most powerful royalty, so to speak, is here at Schönbrunn Palace.

Since this place has been used as a residence for as long as 600 years, it has been extended and remodeled many times.

The site is therefore incredibly large.

Among them, I decided to visit the Old Royal Palace, the Silverware Museum, and the Sisi Museum.

シュテファンCzech Republic and Austria

St. Stephen's Cathedral, the symbol of Vienna - unique rock objects! Austria Part 2

The first stop on our stroll through Vienna was Stephansdom, the most prominent structure towering over the city center.

Although the structure of the building is similar to that of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, which was built in the same period, the church's distinctive feature is the stone decoration suspended in midair.

Although it was hard to tell up close what this stone represented, or if it was really a stone in the first place, it was extremely beautiful when illuminated by the orange light.

Stones, lights and churches.

This combination is hard to come up with, but when I finally saw it, I was surprised to see how well it fit in.

ViennaCzech Republic and Austria

Arrival in Vienna! Shocked by the city's blend of history and modernity Austria Part 1)



I had no idea it was so modern.