(⑵Buddha's mother Maya who dies suddenly 7 days after Buddha's birth and Buddha's childhood in Kapilavastu, the capital of the Shaka nation.

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The life of Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha) as seen through local photographs.
 Buddha's childhood in Kapilavastu, the capital of the Shaka nation, with his mother Maya, who dies suddenly 7 days after Buddha's birth


Buddha, born in Lumbini, would soon return to the royal city of Kapilavastu.

But here was a tragedy that no one could have predicted. Seven days after giving birth to Buddha, Queen Maya died suddenly. In the past, when medical care was less developed, giving birth was a life-threatening event. The woman who gave birth to Buddha, Maya, died without seeing him grow up.

The impact of this mother's death on the later Buddha must have been immeasurable. We will consider this again later in this article.

King Suddhodana, who had lost his queen, took Mahāpājāpati, Maya's sister, as his successor wife. Many Buddhist books say that she became Buddha's adoptive mother, but the impression one gets from a second wife and an adoptive mother is quite different, isn't it? However, there is no doubt that this Mahāpajāpati raised Buddha with devotion in view of their later relationship. The child born to her and Suddhodana, Nanda, later became Buddha's disciple and was ordained. Incidentally, Mahāpajāpati will also go down in history as the first woman to be ordained.

Ruins of Kapilavastu

Kapilavastu, where the Buddha family lived as their capital city, is less than an hour's drive west of Lumbini. The distance is about 30 kilometers. Even in those days, it would have taken less than a day by horseback.

Although Buddha was a clear-headed young man who excelled in the Vedas, the doctrines of Brahmanism, and other studies, as well as in the martial arts, he was also an introspective and pensive boy. There is an episode that he showed no interest in the playful games of other children of his generation, preferring instead to meditate under a tree.

Seeing such a Buddha, my father Suddhodana was horrified. That Brahmin's prophecy might come true...! Wouldn't this child really abandon the throne in time and become an ordained priest? Oh! What is the matter?

That's right! Let us keep away all the evils and afflictions of this world and give them a life without any inconvenience! Then you will never think of giving up your throne! If you know how wonderful this world is, you will never think of giving it up!

Suddhodana built for Budda a splendid palace where he lived seasonally. He also entertained him with beautiful music and dances by beautiful women, and provided him with delicious food. Suddhodana arranged for him to live a life without any inconvenience. (For more on the Brahmin prophecy that caused King Suddhodana so much panic, seePrevious Article(see also)

Of course Buddha is a human being. Buddhist biographyBuddhacharita."According to the "Mere Old Man," he initially enjoyed these heavenly days to the fullest, but eventually he began to feel the pain of such a life.

In the following article, we will discuss the episode of "Shimon syutuyu" that inspired Buddha to become ordained, as well as some surprising facts about the city of Kapilavastu where Buddha spent time.

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