Travels in Rome" - Charms of the Theater City of Rome and Pilgrimage to Bernini

(3) Visit the long-established Caffe Greco in Rome - a sanctuary for artists where Goethe, Andersen, and Mendelssohn also frequented.




Tolstoy, the Russian Giant

Tolstoy's 10 recommended works, commentaries, and a list of his works - Experience the overwhelming scale of the Russian giant!

In this article, we will first introduce 10 works that we particularly recommend from among those we have introduced in this blog so far, followed by a list of recommended commentaries and other works.

Even the works that did not make it to the recommended list are all essential to know Tolstoy. Tolstoy has a surprisingly large number of works, many of which are not introduced in this blog. So, basically, all of the works introduced in this blog are considered to be recommended works, but we have selected the 10 most important ones.

Tolstoy, the Russian Giant

Tolstoy's "Theory of Life (Theory of Life)" Synopsis and Comments - How does one lead a happy life? And its connection to Buddhism.

My impression of this work is that there is quite a bit of Buddhist essence to it.

Tolstoy was at one time devoted to Schopenhauer, and because of this, he also studied Buddhism and the philosophy of Lao Tzu.

When we think about "what is death," "what is life," and "what is life? I felt that Tolstoy must have felt a great deal from Buddhism when reading this work.

This work is only about 250 pages in paperback, but it is a very sturdy piece of work.

Recommended Marx-Engels Biography

Thomas Nipperdije, "German History 1800-1866" - Recommended for a historical background of 18th and 19th century Germany, which gave birth to Goethe, Marx, and others!

The book features a detailed look at the historical background of Germany from the end of the 18th to the 19th century from various angles.

Ideas and cultures are greatly influenced by the historical background of the time. It is not just one person's ideology or theory that has moved the world, but the complex political situation, international politics, and historical trends that are behind the ideology or theory. This book points out the danger of talking about the world based on ideas and ideologies without looking at the historical background, history, and culture.
I think it is a very useful book for viewing the whole picture of 19th century Germany. I highly recommend you to pick up a copy.

Learning from the Philosopher Schopenhauer

List of 4 recommended Schopenhauer works and commentary articles - The German pessimist master who was also influenced by Buddhism.




British and German Literature, History and Culture

H. Althouse, "Biography of Hegel: The Heroic Age of Philosophy" - A new biography of Hegel that approaches Hegel's personality.


While Rosenkranz's "Biography of Hegel" devotes a considerable amount of time to issues of Hegel's thought, Althouse's biography carefully follows his life, how he interacted with people, and what events influenced him.

This makes it possible to follow Hegel's life like a story. Frankly, it is considerably easier to read and more interesting than Rosenkranz's "Biography of Hegel".


British and German Literature, History and Culture

K. Rosenkranz, "Biography of Hegel" - The authoritative classic of Hegelian biography.



Learning from the Philosopher Schopenhauer

Zafransky, "Schopenhauer: One Biography of a Raging Age of Philosophy" - Recommended biography to learn about the historical background and family environment.




Nietzsche and Dostoevsky

Recommended 10 Nietzsche Commentaries - To learn about who Nietzsche is and his thought.

In this article I will recommend 10 commentaries on Nietzsche.

You may be surprised to see the books we are about to introduce, but they are certainly different from the books that are generally recommended by searching for "introduction to Nietzsche. You may think it is a bit difficult for those who are looking for an introductory book on Nietzsche, but as you will see when you actually read the books, they are all very detailed and easy-to-understand explanations.