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Nice to meet you. My name is Takahiro Ueda, the administrator of this blog. This blog started as my attempt to look at various things in my daily life and write words with the motto of asking myself questions, as you can see in the title of the blog.

This article will give you a general guide within our blog. If you are new to our blog or wondering what to read, please read this article first.

Indian Buddhist siteBuddhism in India

Recommended books for those who want to know more about Indian Buddhism - From introductory to specialized books, here are some of the best books I would highly recommend.

This article will recommend some works as an introduction to the Buddha and Indian Buddhism, followed by a selection of reference books for those who want to learn more about Buddhism.

My selection of reference books is an unusual lineup for a Buddhist book, but I am sure that they will help you to discover something new.

Recommended Sightseeing Spots in RomeTravels in Rome" - Charms of the Theater City of Rome and Pilgrimage to Bernini

15 recommended sightseeing spots in Rome unique to monks! Taste the best of beauty from royal to maniacal churches

In this article I will introduce some of my favorite places to visit in Rome.

In this article, we will introduce not only famous churches such as St. Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum, but also maniac churches that are not often visited by tourists.

Rome is indeed a wonderful city. However, there is a trap of having too much to see and do. We hope that our blog posts will be of help to you.

DostoevskyDostoevsky's works

Four recommended works of Dostoevsky! A selection of gems and masterpieces of interesting Russian literature!




Reading PragueDiary of a Monk

24 novels recommended by book-loving monks - a quick look at recommended works at each level from introductory to advanced!

In this article, we will introduce novels that we highly recommend for each level of readers, from beginners to advanced readers.

Basically, the books introduced here are all great books that I recommend with confidence. All of them are extremely interesting works, so please take a look at the linked pages for the books that interest you, regardless of whether they are categorized as introductory or advanced.

Travels in Rome" - Charms of the Theater City of Rome and Pilgrimage to Bernini

Travels to Rome: "The Beauty of the Theater City of Rome: A Pilgrimage to Dostoevsky and Bernini" - An introduction to ancient Rome and its temple of beauty!


I am one of those who are completely fascinated by the charms of Rome. In this travelogue, I would like to share with you the charms of Rome and its wonderful art.

If the words "Dostoevsky and Rome" sound stilted, don't worry, it's not at all. This is a travelogue of my love for Rome, having fallen in love with its beauty. I hope you will feel free to read it.

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(12) Have you missed "Nike of Samothrace"? An explanation of the Louvre's greatest treasure, which is often overlooked!

The Louvre's greatest treasure, "Nike of Samothrace". This sculpture was discovered in 1863 on the island of Samothrace in the Aegean Sea, and the word "Nike" means "goddess. And this Nike is thought to have been created around 190 B.C. during the Hellenistic period. This sculpture became the most impressive work of art I saw in Paris. I was completely mesmerized by its beauty. In this article, I will talk about the fascination of Nique.

ShakespeareShakespeare, a treasure trove of masterpieces

12 Shakespeare Recommendations - Interesting both on stage and in book form! Discover the charm of Shakespeare!

Shakespeare's influence is immeasurable when considering world literature.

And above all, Shakespeare's works are interesting!

It is wonderful to read about it in a book, and the excitement of seeing it live on stage is beyond words.

Therefore, we would like to recommend Shakespeare's works here, which are good to watch and read.

ChekhovMasterpieces by the great Russian writer Chekhov

Chekhov's 10 recommended works - Chekhov is also interesting in novels! We introduce you to the charms of his works, which are not limited to his plays!

Dostoevsky is a mad writer, for better or worse, as he moves forward with a strong personality.