Lao Zhuang and BuddhismChinese Buddhism, Thought and History

MIKUSABURO MORI, "Laozhuang and Buddhism" - A stimulating book that provides insight into the relationship between Laozhuang and the reception of Buddhism in China!

This book is a tremendously interesting classic! It's one of those books that is so stimulating it sparks your brain!"

Well, I am here for this book. This book is definitely one of the best books on China that I have ever read on this blog. I would say that this book ranks at the top not only in China but also in all books related to Buddhism. It is such an interesting book.

The main theme of this book is how Buddhism, which came from India, was accepted and transformed in China, and this is extremely exciting.
The book also includes an overview of Lao Zhuang philosophy, the relationship between Chinese Buddhism and politics, the development of Zen Buddhism and Pure Land Buddhism, and other interesting details that just keep coming up in this book. Oh no, it's interesting! It sparked my brain.

Bhagavad GitaIndian thought, culture and history

Synopsis and Comments on "The Bhagavad Gita" - Hinduism's deepest secrets that live on today! And its connection to Mahayana Buddhism!

The Bhagavad Gita is quite compact, about 140 pages in paperback. Katsuhiko Uemura's translation is very easy to read, and there are more than 50 pages of commentary at the end of the book, which is very helpful.




〈文化〉としてのインド仏教史Buddhism in India

Yasuaki Nara, "History of Indian Buddhism as 'Culture'" - A great book that I highly recommend to monks who are troubled by criticism of funeral Buddhism!





大乗の仏の淵源Buddhism in India

Tomomichi Nitta, "The Abyss of the Buddha in the Mahayana" - There was no mythologizing of the Buddha! What is Gen Nakamura's Critique of the Historical View of Buddha? From "Series on Mahayana Buddhism, Volume 5: Buddha and Pure Land - Mahayana Buddhist Scriptures II




新田智通氏の衝撃的な論文が収録された『シリーズ大乗仏教 第五巻 仏と浄土—大乗仏典Ⅱ』は仏教を学ぶ全ての方におすすめしたいとてつもない一冊です。このシリーズの中でも圧倒的に印象に残った作品です。

The World of the Bhagavad GitaIndian thought, culture and history

Katsuhiko Uemura, "The World of the Bhagavad Gita: The Salvation of Hinduism" - A masterpiece that also provides insight into Japanese culture and its connection to Mahayana Buddhism!

It is no exaggeration to say that the Japanese are, so to speak, "hidden Hindus. One of the purposes of this book is to show that."

It's a shocking word, isn't it?

But in this book, these words feel all too real. The connection with Japanese culture and Mahayana Buddhism is explained very clearly.


The book is designed to be read without any knowledge of ancient India or Indian thought. At the same time, the work is easy enough to understand that it can also serve as an introduction to Buddhism. This is a great book.

インド大乗仏教の虚像と断片Buddhism in India