Lugon McCall Series

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(14) To Zola's house in Medan, a suburb of Paris - with the gentle stream of the Seine loved by the great writers of France.





Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(9) A panoramic view of Paris from the Sacré Coeur: a huge church on the hill of Montmartre, associated with Zola's late masterpiece novel "Paris".

In our previous article, we introduced the places associated with Emile Zola's "Lugon Makkar Series".

And in this article, we will introduce the Sacré Coeur Abbey, the main setting of "Paris," the final volume of the "Three Cities Twins," which Zola wrote in full after completing the "Lugon-Macall Series.

This church is famous for its spectacular view of Paris, but from a Zola fan's point of view, it has a completely different meaning. What Zola thought about this church will be introduced in this article.

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(8) A roundup of sites associated with Zola's "Lugon MacCarl Series" in Paris - set in Paris under the Second Empire of France.

In this article, I will introduce the places associated with "The Lugon Makkar Series," a masterpiece by Emile Zola, a writer I respect and admire.

The "Lugon McCall Series" is just fascinating. And I suspect that nothing has exposed the workings of the modern society we live in as much as this group of works.

We encourage you to first pick up a copy of even one of the masterpieces by the genius that is Emile Zola. And please be shocked by its powerful blow.

I would highly recommend "Izakaya" and "Nana" as they are available in paperback.

To enjoy "Les Miserables" even more

Shigeru Kashima, "Tomorrow is the Ball" - How the dream society really is! Explains the love and marriage patterns of Parisian women!

For women, a ball is a battlefield. The way you behave here can have a decisive impact on the rest of your life.

The book may destroy your longing for a dreamy moment with dandies in elegant social circles, dressed in glamorous costumes.

It seems that the social scene was a more serious and realistic battleground than I had imagined.

It is a perfect book to learn about the view of marriage and the love affairs of men and women at that time.

You can see why French literature is full of sludgy affairs and love stories.

Zola and DostoevskyEmile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

I thought about the difference between Zola's and Dostoevsky's views on human beings and the existence of a blank space.




Zola and DostoevskyEmile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Historical Background and Differences in Moral Consciousness between French and Japanese as Seen from Zola







Zola and DostoevskyEmile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

Why Zola is minor and Dostoevsky is popular in Japan - Misunderstanding of Zola






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How great a writer was Zola - Zola's popularity as seen by the number of copies published in France.



Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

What is Emile Zola's Novel Style and Naturalistic Literature - What makes Zola so great?




Emile Zola, the blog author's favorite author.

The Monk's Choice! 7 recommended works by Emile Zola! An exciting human drama full of troubles for you!

Zola's work is the best textbook for understanding how the world works.

How does this society work? Why do people fight? Why can't people resist their desires? What kind of methods do people use to take advantage of other people's desires?