ラジオの戦争責任Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia





The Legacy of Buddhist ModernismBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

Yoshio Sugimoto, "The Legacy of Buddhist Modernism" - Why did the Sri Lankan Civil War Occur? Buddhist Nationalism and the Link Between Religion and Violence

Sri Lankan scholar Ovesekara called the Sri Lankan Buddhism created by Dharmapala "Protestant Buddhism (Reform Buddhism). Sri Lankan Buddhism may give the impression that it is the inheritance of the oldest Buddhism, but in fact it was not, but rather a movement that became active in the 19th century. This book takes a detailed look at the history of how Buddhism and Sinhalese nationalism became linked and led to civil war. In particular, we will take a close look at the life of Dharmapala, as if he were a biography. The book is a unique history of Sri Lankan Buddhism.

Learning from the Bosnian Conflict and the Tragedy of the Rwandan Genocide: International Conflicts after the Cold War

7 recommended reference works to learn about the Rwandan genocide - there was a hell there that made me want to turn away...

The Rwandan genocide is so shocking. It could be a traumatic read. It is such a hell. One can only be horrified that human beings can be so cruel.

I learned about the Rwandan genocide this way because of the Bosnian conflict, but reading these books reminded me that Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia are not each unique and abnormal, but that we all have something in our nature that allows such things to happen and that we all could have done it. I was reminded once again that human nature is such that such things can happen, and that we all have the potential to do them.

It is a history that we would like to turn away from, but if we do not pass through it, history will repeat itself in a different form. To prevent this from happening, we must learn about the tragic human history.

Improve your observation skillsDiary of a Monk

Overview and Impressions of "Sharpening Your Observational Skills: Reading Famous Paintings" - If you change the way you look at things, you can change the world! A great book that I highly recommend students to read!

In this book, you will complete a number of practices through various paintings and works of art.

The practice through that famous Vermeer is extremely stimulating and interesting.

The details that can never be noticed by just looking at it casually. What is actually depicted in these paintings? This book will make you understand how we cannot see anything. Please read this book first to try it out. You will be shocked at how vague your view of the world is.

I was shocked at how big a difference there was between "seeing" and "watching.

This is an important skill for study, for work, and even for all of life. This is an amazing program that I hope many people will experience.

Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Blanca Takahashi, "To Tokyo, Serbia" - What is a Serbian work? Japanese debut work by a Serbian writer under the guidance of Kayoko Yamazaki

The author, Branka Takahashi, is a writer from Serbia. She studied Japanese at the University of Belgrade, where her advisor was the poet Kayoko Yamazaki, whom we have mentioned on our blog.

Delicate inner depictions. There is humor that makes you giggle.

Reading "To Tokyo, Serbia" with the author's thoughts and feelings was extremely stimulating and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend it.

Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Kayoko Yamazaki's "Belgrade Diary" - Winner of the Yomiuri Literary Award! Pearls of Words Spun from Life in Serbia after the Airstrikes

What did the author, a poet, see and feel in the city of Belgrade after the Yugoslav conflict and NATO bombing?

The casual, everyday life that continues after the conflict.

In the words that describe the daily life, the shadow of the conflict gradually appears and disappears...

I think this work is very rare in that it captures the daily lives of people who still live there, rather than easy-to-understand "special events. It is a wonder that it does not merely cut out everyday life, but also gives us a sense of the depth of human life.

I thought it was quite plausible that this work won the Yomiuri Literary Award. This work has a mysterious power.

Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Kayoko Yamazaki, "Blue Darkness Whispering from There" - A collection of essays by a poet who experienced the NATO bombing of Belgrade - What was happening there?

This work is a collection of essays by Kayoko Yamazaki, a poet living in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Why did the Yugoslav conflict happen...

This conflict has been described in terms of a simple "Serbian villain theory."

In the midst of such international public opinion, Serbia was bombed by NATO. The author remained in Belgrade during the intense bombing and wrote in this book the voices of the people living there and his own thoughts and feelings.

Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Taku Morisumi, "Iraq: Children of the Gulf War" - depleted uranium munitions, which were also used in NATO's air strikes on Yugoslavia - and the ongoing threat of radioactive contamination

In 1999, during the Kosovo War, NATO forces conducted heavy air strikes on Belgrade and Serb settlements on the pretext of "stopping the Serbian genocide. The weapons used were depleted uranium munitions, which cause radioactive contamination in areas where they are fired. These weapons cause radioactive contamination in the area where they are fired. I was shocked to learn that NATO forces were shooting such dangerous weapons in large quantities, and I picked up this book because I thought, "I must know more about the realities caused by these weapons.

This article will discuss the horror of such depleted uranium munitions.