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セイロン島誌Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

Robert Knox's "The Ceylon Island Magazine" Synopsis and Comments - The amazing true story of the late 1600s, which was also the model for Robinson Crusoe!



Vermeer, the Painter of Light and the Scientific Revolution

吉田量彦『スピノザ 人間の自由の哲学』~スピノザの生涯や時代背景も知れるおすすめ入門書!




Improve your observation skillsDiary of a Monk

Overview and Impressions of "Sharpening Your Observational Skills: Reading Famous Paintings" - If you change the way you look at things, you can change the world! A great book that I highly recommend students to read!

In this book, you will complete a number of practices through various paintings and works of art.

The practice through that famous Vermeer is extremely stimulating and interesting.

The details that can never be noticed by just looking at it casually. What is actually depicted in these paintings? This book will make you understand how we cannot see anything. Please read this book first to try it out. You will be shocked at how vague your view of the world is.

I was shocked at how big a difference there was between "seeing" and "watching.

This is an important skill for study, for work, and even for all of life. This is an amazing program that I hope many people will experience.

ハーヴィThe Industrial Revolution and British and European Society

The Oxford Portrait of Science by William Harvey - Recommended biography of a scientist who lived at the same time as Shakespeare!

William Harvey was an English-born scientist known for his blood circulation theory.

As a lover of Shakespeare, I appreciated the opportunity to learn about the atmosphere of this period. Moreover, it was very interesting to see this period not from the literary angle, but from the scientific angle. This is an interesting book.

It is also highly recommended to learn about the currents of late 16th and 17th century England. I highly recommend this work to Shakespeare fans.

Dostoevsky and His Wife's Fateful Journey: Travels in Western Europe of Madness and Love

(10) Dostoevsky, who loved "The Sistine Madonna" - Enjoy "Achis and Galateia" and other masterpieces at the Dresden Picture Gallery

The Dostoevsky couple stayed in Berlin for two days and soon left for the next city. Their destination was Dresden, an ancient city located south of Berlin.

Here the couple lived and enjoyed painting and music.

In this article I will discuss them and my experiences there.

I was very happy to see something other than the standard Dostoevsky paintings, such as "The Sistine Madonna" and "Achis and Galateia. In terms of learning about Dostoevsky's painting preferences, the experience at the Dresden Picture Gallery was very gratifying, as we were able to compare various paintings.

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

Paris-Georgia Travelogue] (31) Postscript - After the Paris-Georgia Trip

I have come this far with the hypothesis that "Tolstoy's origin may have been in Kafkaes.

And it actually made me think of the landscape and the mountain people that Tolstoy would have seen.

This resulted in a connection with Dostoevsky.

Dostoevsky is the exact opposite of Tolstoy. So if you learn one, you learn the other."

That is exactly what happened.

This article will summarize this Paris-Georgia trip. This concludes my "Impressions of Summer in Autumn".

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(19) The original of Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" was a masterpiece far beyond imagination.







Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(18) Enjoy Vermeer's masterpiece "View of Delft" at the Mauritshuis Museum in the Netherlands!