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MendelssohnThe Amazing Life of Mendelssohn, the Miraculous Musician

Madoka Hino, "Biography of a Musician: One Book to Read at the Beginning, Mendelssohn" - A recommended work to learn about the amazing life of the Jewish musical genius!

Madoka Hino's work "can be read by ages 10 and up and is a real inspiration for adults. It is written with the concept of "making the lives of the great musicians in history as easy to read as a story. This is easier said than done, but how difficult it must be!

This book, however, is a perfect example of this concept! I have devoured many biographies of great people from all ages and cultures, and Madoka Hino's biography is of outstanding quality. I have read many biographies of the greats, both old and new, and I can say that this biography of Mendelssohn is one of the best of them all.

This is a great book among great books that I highly recommend! I wish that this book will be spread more and more widely!

British and German Literature, History and Culture

Harumi James, "The Scarlet Queen" - Recommended biography to learn about the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, a tragic, too tragic woman.






Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Jacques Barzun, "Darwin, Marx, Wagner: A Critique of the Intellectual Heritage" - Why did they take the world by storm? A masterful book that uncovers the secrets of their work!

This book was an exciting work that explained what I most wanted to know: why Darvin and Marx took the world by storm so much! This is interesting!



The Amazing Life of Mendelssohn, the Miraculous Musician

Hiromi Hoshino, "Mendelssohn's Religious Music" - Recommended to learn about Mendelssohn's great achievement of rediscovering the forgotten Bach!




Europe through Classical and Western Art

上原彩子『指先から、世界とつながる ピアノと私、これまでの歩み』~日本人初のチャイコフスキーピアノコンクール優勝者の自伝的エッセイ







Europe through Classical and Western Art

Hino Madoka, "Biography of a Musician: A Book to Read at the Beginning: Fumio Koizumi" Synopsis and Impressions - The amazing life of an ethnomusicologist who had a tremendous impact on Japanese music.



I was still struck by the image of Fumio Koizumi, who devoted himself to music research in India.

He has a broad perspective and an uncommon inquisitive mind to learn about various music and cultures from all over the world. He also has the ability as an educator to convey this information in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way.

I was just amazed that such an amazing person existed in Japan.

Russian History and Culture and Dostoevsky

O. Fayziz, "Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia" - A recommended reference book on the origins of Russian culture and spirituality!

A great book to learn what the Russian spirit is all about!

It makes me think about how culture is created.

For me personally, I was particularly impressed by the book's description of the Optina monastery.

This is a very famous Russian monastery that was visited by Dostoevsky in his later years, and even Tolstoy visited the monastery many times.

The book also provides a very important perspective on Dostoevsky's understanding of Christianity.

The Amazing Life of Mendelssohn, the Miraculous Musician

List of articles on Mendelssohn, the German composer of genius - an amazing family tree and his life, as well as recommended books to learn about his works.


I had never been interested in classical music, but I never expected to be so hooked.

And among them, the most significant was still the chance to meet Mendelssohn...!

Why was I so attracted to him?


A Taste of Goethe, Germany's Great Poet

Mendelssohn and Goethe's exchange and friendship - Mendelssohn was strongly influenced by "Travels in Italy







British and German Literature, History and Culture

リチャード・キレーン『図説 スコットランドの歴史』~写真多数!イギリス・スコットランドの関係性を知れるおすすめの参考書