Recommended Sightseeing Spots in RomeThe Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Vatican, and Roman Catholicism

List of Recommended Reference Books on Rome - History, Culture, Religion, and Art! A list of great books that will make Rome more interesting!

In the previous article, "Monks' Recommendation: 15 Sightseeing Spots in Rome! From the Royal Road to Maniacal Churches, Taste the Ultimate in Beauty" introduced the recommended spots in Rome, and in this article, we will introduce a recommended reference and guidebook to enjoy Rome even more.

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Rome is so deep. It is like a bottomless swamp that the more you know about it, the more you become addicted to it. I, too, have become completely obsessed with this Roman wanderlust.

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Travels in Rome" - Charms of the Theater City of Rome and Pilgrimage to Bernini

(6) A panoramic view of the Foro Romano from Palatine Hill! The marble of St. Peter's Basilica came from here!




Even non-history buffs will be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the amazing prosperity and collapse of 2000 years ago.

Travels in Rome" - Charms of the Theater City of Rome and Pilgrimage to Bernini

(5) The Colosseum, a symbol of ancient Rome, and Goethe Andersen: The Romanticism that Fascinated Men of Letters




Travels in Rome" - Charms of the Theater City of Rome and Pilgrimage to Bernini

(3) Visit the long-established Caffe Greco in Rome - a sanctuary for artists where Goethe, Andersen, and Mendelssohn also frequented.




A Taste of Goethe, Germany's Great Poet

Goethe's "Travels in Italy" Synopsis and Impressions - A masterful travelogue that had an enormous impact on 19th century Europeans.

In a sense, this travelogue may be said to be a book that provides insight into the mindset of an artist. I believe that "Travels in Italy" is a book that describes the process of how one perceives the world in front of one's eyes and how one penetrates into the secrets that lie deep within.


The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Vatican, and Roman Catholicism

Toshiro Nakajima, "The English Way of Travel: From Grand Tours to Garden Culture" - A recommended work explaining world travel as an essential culture for aristocrats!



Dreamland Disneyland Research

Andersen's "The Snow Queen" Synopsis and Comments - Consider the differences from the Disney film in "as it is".




Dreamland Disneyland Research

Andersen's Masterpieces: The Little Matchmaker / The Little Mermaid" - Andersen's fairy tales that only adults can read!




The Amazing Life of Mendelssohn, the Miraculous Musician

Kyoko Nakano, "The Secret Love of Artists: Mendelssohn, Andersen and Their Times" - Unexpected relationship between Jenny Lind, a diva, and two