Russo-German War (1941-1945)

Impressions of the Summer Recounted in Autumn - Trip to Paris and Georgia

(21) Go to Stalin's birthplace, Gori, Georgia - Feel the atmosphere of the former Soviet Union at the Stalin Museum





Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

R. Vanagaitė, E. Zuroff, "Compatriots Lithuanian Holocaust: The Hidden History" - A shocking book that makes you think about historical revisionism.

About 200,000 Jews in Lithuania, 90%-95% of whom died in the Holocaust...

These are shocking numbers...

This book will be a sharp scalpel on why such a Holocaust in Lithuania happened, what the mechanism was, and the current state of the history of the country.

This work, a book about Lithuanian complicity in the Holocaust, caused great controversy among the Lithuanian public.

The work also provides a very serious insight into what historical revisionism is.

Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

E. H. Carr, "What is History?" Summary and Comments - A great book that asks how history is spun.



Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

List of 16 Recommended Science Fiction and Dystopian Novels - Modern Society from Science Fiction and Dystopia

Science fiction novels are not only interesting in their own right, but they also pose big questions for those of us living in the present.

You may read for pleasure.

You can read it while carefully considering the world today.

I think the beauty of science fiction novels is that they can be enjoyed in many different ways.

In this article I recommend 15 such novels.

German-Soviet War: The Soviet Union and the Nazis' War of Extermination

Fuyuma Osaka's "Comrade Girl, Shoot the Enemy" Synopsis and Impressions - Recommended novel that won the Honya Taisho Award! A topical novel about a sniper girl fighting the war between Germany and the Soviet Union!

Comrade Girl, Shoot the Enemy," which was a hot topic on Twitter and other social networking sites.

This is interesting!

Anyway, I'll let you read it!

The storyline and psychological descriptions are very skillful and draw you into the story more and more. The immersion in reading is amazing.

I picked up this game because of the praise it received from MGS director Kojima, and it is a masterpiece that lives up to his praise. I highly recommend this work.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Orwell's "Animal Farm" Synopsis and Comments - This is how people are fooled. A masterful satirical allegory of Soviet totalitarianism.



Kafka's City of Prague and Czech Literature

List of recommended works by Czech genius Čapek - Czech literature is not only about Kafka!





Europe through Classical and Western Art




Europe through Classical and Western Art

ひのまどか『戦火のシンフォニー レニングラード封鎖345日目の真実』~独ソ戦の極限状況と芸術の力