closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate

The Industrial Revolution and British and European Society

Masaie Matsumura, "The Bakumatsu Restoration Mission to England: The Victorian Impact" - What the Japanese at the end of the Edo period and during the Meiji period saw in England!

In this work, we will look at the Victorian era and World Expositions as seen from the perspective of a mission at the end of the Edo period and during the Restoration Period. What was the reaction of our delegation when they left Japan, which had been closed to the rest of the world, and saw European mechanical civilization for the first time? In this book, you can learn about the Victorian era from a different perspective from ordinary British history.

The Industrial Revolution and British and European Society

Smiles' "The Theory of Self-Help" Summary and Comments - Greatly influential on Victorian morality in England! Also known as "The Rise of the West"




Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Shigeru Kashima, "Shibusawa Eiichi" - Strong connection to San Simonism! Familiar with the great drama "Ao Tian wo Sukeru"! Recommended biography of the great man who supported the Japanese economy!