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Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

List of 16 Recommended Science Fiction and Dystopian Novels - Modern Society from Science Fiction and Dystopia

Science fiction novels are not only interesting in their own right, but they also pose big questions for those of us living in the present.

You may read for pleasure.

You can read it while carefully considering the world today.

I think the beauty of science fiction novels is that they can be enjoyed in many different ways.

In this article I recommend 15 such novels.

German-Soviet War: The Soviet Union and the Nazis' War of Extermination

Fuyuma Osaka's "Comrade Girl, Shoot the Enemy" Synopsis and Impressions - Recommended novel that won the Honya Taisho Award! A topical novel about a sniper girl fighting the war between Germany and the Soviet Union!

Comrade Girl, Shoot the Enemy," which was a hot topic on Twitter and other social networking sites.

This is interesting!

Anyway, I'll let you read it!

The storyline and psychological descriptions are very skillful and draw you into the story more and more. The immersion in reading is amazing.

I picked up this game because of the praise it received from MGS director Kojima, and it is a masterpiece that lives up to his praise. I highly recommend this work.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Keisuke Ito's "Harmony" Synopsis and Impressions - Dystopia of an advanced medical society where "life and health are more important than anything else

Keisuke Ito passed away at the young age of 34.

Keisuke Ito wrote his debut work "Slaughterhouse Organ" while battling cancer, and this work was also written under near terminal cancerous conditions.

What is life? What is illness and death?

That is what we will be going through with this work.

When I think of Keisuke Ito's own circumstances, I feel the weight of this work even more.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Ito Keikaku "Slaughterhouse Organ" Synopsis and Impressions - My most favorite science fiction novel that I highly recommend!

This is the novel I would say is my most beloved work in the last few years.

The title is "The Slaughterhouse Organ," a phrase that would not be familiar to a monk's blog, and I have not had much of a chance to introduce this work until now, but with the current trend of German-Soviet war, Cold War, and dystopian novels, I thought it would be a good time to introduce it. I am now finally going to introduce it to you.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Keisuke Ito's "Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots" Synopsis and Comments - A masterful novelization by the author of "Slaughterhouse Organ!

This work can be read even by those who are new to Metal Gear. The past episodes are well incorporated in this work, making it easy to understand the flow of the game. This work was my first Metal Gear experience. But I was so drawn into this work that I was moved to tears. It is truly a wonderful work.

This book, filled with Keisuke Ito's thoughts and feelings, is my treasure.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Toshiji Hase's "Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater" Synopsis and Comments - MGS Prehistory. The story of Big Boss starts here.

Naked Snake, the protagonist of this film, will later be known as Big Boss and will play a decisive role in the Metal Gear series.

Who is this person who forms the basis of the Metal Gear series? What is the existence of "Snake" in the first place?

You can also feel the atmosphere of the Cold War era by reading this work.

It is a masterpiece among masterpieces! It's a masterpiece! I recommend it!

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Nojima Kazuto's "Metal Gear Solid Substance II: Manhattan" Synopsis and Impressions - The looming AI domination! A terrifying work that questions our present!

This book is amazing..!

Of all the games in the Metal Gear series, this one had the strongest impact on me. The scenario is just too ghastly...!

The message conveyed in this work is too powerful.

It is hard to find such a horrific piece of work.

Even if you have never played the game, this work is something you should definitely see.

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Nojima, Kazuto, "Metal Gear Solid Substance I: Shadow Mosses" Synopsis and Comments - Novelization of the greatest scenario of the 20th century!

This work is a novelization of the game METAL GEAR SOLID, which has been called the best scenario of the 20th century.

The "Metal Gear" series of games was created under the direction of Hideo Kojima, and its scenarios are based on Cold War, anti-war, and anti-nuclear themes. It goes completely beyond the realm of a mere game. I was numb to the depth of the scenario and the message of this work!

Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451 Degrees" Synopsis and Comments - Recommended especially for book lovers! How does one live in a world where books are banned?