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⒄Buddha's powerful rival, the Rokushigedo" - Indian freethinkers who rejected Brahmanism and advocated a new ideology.

In this article, I will discuss six thinkers who became powerful rivals of the Buddha, the Six Master Gaido. The Six Master Gaido refers to the most influential thinkers among the emerging "samon" thinkers who rejected the Brahmanical worldview of the time. It is very important to know the thought of the Six Masters and the Six Exoteric Doctrines in order to understand the Buddha's thought. By comparing with them, we can see Buddha's uniqueness.

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Disney LegendsDreamland Disneyland Research

Bob Thomas, "The Disney Legend" - A biography focusing on his brother Roy, the practical man who supported Walt's genius! Genius is only as good as the people who support it!

What makes this book unique is that it focuses on Roy Disney, the brother of Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse.

No matter how much creative genius Walt had, if he could not provide the funds and environment to realize it, he would be doomed. This was emphasized in Walt's biography. The genius Walt was completely blind to practical matters. He only saw the ultimate quality of his work. Walt always came up with what could only be described as reckless plans. The man behind the scenes who actually brought this project to completion, which would normally have been impossible, was another genius named Roy Disney.

Geniuses do not go out into the world alone. This book reminds us that the presence of practitioners who support them is also important.

Disney and its RivalsDreamland Disneyland Research

Tetsuo Arima, "Disney and Its Rivals: A History of Cartoon Media in America" - Mickey was not created from nothing.

This book provides an in-depth look at the historical background and industry conditions surrounding Walt. It is only by comparing Walt with others that his uniqueness becomes more apparent.

In this book, you will also learn about characters familiar to us, such as Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, and Bugs Bunny, who appear as rivals to Mickey Mouse. This book is also a very interesting look at the history of American animation.

This book is just a lot of fun. I recommend this book because it is different from the usual Disney commentary books and full of charm. It is interesting to know the background of the times! I highly recommend this book.

Yukio MishimaYukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Yukio Mishima, Masahiko Akuta, and others, "Yukio Mishima vs. the University of Tokyo Zenkyoto 1969-2000" - What was that legendary debate? A recommended work to learn about the students' thoughts and relationships with each other!





The Zenkyoto Generation as an IdeologyYukio Mishima and Japanese Literature

Shuhei Kosaka, "Zenkyoto Generation as an Ideology" - Recommended work to feel the spirit of the times from the 60's through the author's personal narrative.





Tomorrow won't be so dark.Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

E. Saratchandra, "Tomorrow Is Not So Dark" Synopsis and Comments - A novel about Sri Lanka in 1971, the year of the armed uprising by Marxist students.

I cannot help but feel a sense of connection with this novel and its timing. I strongly feel that I had to read this novel before going to Sri Lanka.

This work is also a very important insight into the student conflict in Japan.

As a novel, it is very easy to read and I read through it in one sitting. He is indeed a leading Sri Lankan writer.

It was a great piece that gave me another new perspective on Sri Lanka.

I would highly recommend this work.

end of timeBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

M. Wickramasinghe's "The End of Time" Synopsis and Comments - A masterful film about Sri Lanka, a country shaken by Marxism and class struggle!




資本主義と奴隷制Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

Eric Williams, Capitalism and Slavery - The accumulation of wealth through the slave trade and plantations brought about the Industrial Revolution!