T.G. Masaryk, "Russia and Europe I," a valuable discussion of Russia by the philosophical president of the Czech Republic!

Russian Dostoevsky by Masaryk, who was born to a serf father and a cook mother, from whom he struggled to become a philosophy professor and even the first president of the Czech Republic.

To begin with, he is a top-notch philosopher. Masaryk was also a politician with experience in world affairs, politics, and economics. He was also a great personality who was respected not only by the Czech people but also by people all over the world.

The Russian history and Dostoevsky theory told by such a grown-up was extremely stimulating.

Dostoevsky and His Wife's Fateful Journey: Travels in Western Europe of Madness and Love

(25) Dostoevsky's gambling addiction disappears in Wiesbaden, the city of casinos! What a miracle happened to him at the end of his trip!

The events in Wiesbaden, free from gambling fever, are some of the most significant incidents in Dostoevsky's travels. It may be said to be the event that restored his pride as a writer.

Protect your family with your own brush and your own work! I will no longer depend on gambling fortunes! declared Dostoevsky. This time it is not a lie. History bears witness to that. He really was reborn.

And it was still Mrs. Anna who brought about this rebirth. After all, Mrs. Anna was Dostoevsky's guardian angel. She was his destiny. When I think of this, I cannot help but congratulate them both.

Dostoevsky and His Wife's Fateful Journey: Travels in Western Europe of Madness and Love

(24) Mr. and Mrs. Dostoevsky wanted to stay in Prague - a near miss with that Smetana! They went to Dresden in tears. Their trip comes to an end.

Mr. and Mrs. Dostoevsky traveled from Florence to Prague for the birth of their daughter.

Prague had a community of Slavic intellectuals, and Dostoevsky hoped to interact with them. Above all, he and his wife were looking forward to staying in beautiful Prague.

However, they were not able to stay in Prague and had to move to Dresden.

History is a "what if" game, but if the couple had been able to stay here, Dostoevsky might have had a connection with Smetana and Dvořák.

Kafka's City of Prague and Czech Literature




I would highly recommend this work.

Kafka's City of Prague and Czech Literature






Kafka's City of Prague and Czech Literature








Kafka's City of Prague and Czech Literature

Ten recommended reference books to learn what the "Prague Spring" is all about - and to consider the Russian and Ukrainian invasions.




Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Kazuo Ogawa, "Eastern Europe: The Search for Revival" - Recommended for an overview of Eastern European economies after the collapse of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine.





Contemporary Society through Dystopian Science Fiction Novels

Ito Keikaku "Slaughterhouse Organ" Synopsis and Impressions - My most favorite science fiction novel that I highly recommend!

This is the novel I would say is my most beloved work in the last few years.

The title is "The Slaughterhouse Organ," a phrase that would not be familiar to a monk's blog, and I have not had much of a chance to introduce this work until now, but with the current trend of German-Soviet war, Cold War, and dystopian novels, I thought it would be a good time to introduce it. I am now finally going to introduce it to you.

Kafka's City of Prague and Czech Literature

A collection of books recommended for learning about Prague's history and culture! The endless charm of our beloved Prague