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The Life of Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha) as Seen from Buddhist Courses and Local Photographs] Article List - Please use this list as a table of contents.

This series of articles will give you a sense not only of Buddha's life, but also of the atmosphere of Indian society at that time. I am sure this will be an exciting experience for all of you.

Although "learning about religion and Buddhism" may sound pretentious, I hope that you will take it easy and experience the life of the great Buddha.

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(22) Buddha makes a triumphant return to his birthplace! Mass ordination of the Buddha's family, including his son Rahula and cousin Arnanda!

Up to the last article, I have talked about the rapid expansion of the Buddha cult.

With the addition of capable disciples and the support of great kings and merchants, the Order of Buddha emerged as a truly great cult.

The chief of the group, Buddha, is finally returning to his birthplace. In this article, we will discuss how it all happened.

Buddhist Columns & Dharma Talks

⑻Buddha's six years of ascetic life - the transmission of meditation techniques by two masters and the ascetic Buddha's severe asceticism.

The Buddha came to the great country of Magadha. He came all the way to Magadha to learn from the best meditators of the time, from whom he learned meditation, the basis of his ascetic practice. In this article, we will talk about Buddha's life of severe asceticism. The famous image of the fasting Buddha in Gandhara is the Buddha in this period of asceticism.

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⑹How Buddha's ordination took place - Channa the horsecho and his beloved horse Kantaka on a late night journey.

After spending many depressing days, Buddha finally sets out on his journey with great ambition. However, it was extremely difficult for Buddha, who lived in the royal palace, to escape from there without anyone knowing about it. He turned to his horseman Channa and his beloved horse Kantaka. In this article, I would like to tell you the story of how Buddha was ordained.

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⑷ Visiting Kapilavastu, the Palace of the Shakas - My impression of the city where the young Buddha spent his life.

Buddha spent his young days in Kapilavastu, the capital of the Shaka tribe. In the previous article, we saw how the Buddha had come to the point where he had decided to become a monk through Shikumon Deyu, and in this article, I would like to share my impressions from actually walking through the place where the Buddha's life took place. I was able to see Buddha's image only because I actually saw him in the area.

英国の仏教発見Buddhism in India

F. C. Almond's "The Discovery of Buddhism in England" - Buddhist Studies was born from a desk in England! The roots of Mahayana Buddhism criticism come from here.

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