Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Toshio Matsunaga, "The Life of Charles Darwin: The Gentleman's World that Gave Birth to the Theory of Evolution" - What is the relationship between Darwin's life and Malthus Marx?





Marx Engels Writings and Related Works

Jacques Barzun, "Darwin, Marx, Wagner: A Critique of the Intellectual Heritage" - Why did they take the world by storm? A masterful book that uncovers the secrets of their work!

This book was an exciting work that explained what I most wanted to know: why Darvin and Marx took the world by storm so much! This is interesting!



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(53) Marx, impressed by "The Origin of Species," dedicates "Capitalism" to Darwin. How was his reaction?

Marx was introduced to "The Origin of Species" at the recommendation of Engels. Engels was far more enthusiastic about the book than Marx, but it seems that Marx was also greatly moved by the theory of evolution.