Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" Synopsis Commentary and Thoughts - A masterpiece that won the Nobel Prize for Literature! This work is associated with Cuba

The Old Man and the Sea is the masterpiece that earned Hemingway the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature, and is known as the best work of Hemingway's love of Cuba.

This article will focus on the new edition of Hiroshi Takami's translation, but if you are looking at the overall quality of the commentary, ease of reading, and cover design, I would recommend the Hiroshi Takami translation, and if you are a Shakespeare fan, I would recommend the old edition, Tsunen Fukuda's translation.

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Che Guevara, "Marx-Engels Sketch" - What does Guevara think of Marxism? That Guevara wrote a biography of Marx!

This work is very much about where Che Guevara stands on Marxism.

First, when we think of Marxism, we think of the Soviet Union, but from Guevara's perspective, Soviet-style Marxism seemed to be distorted from the original Marx. The Soviet Union had become a rigid bureaucracy, and its reality was different from Guevara's ideal of Marxism.

In this article I will tell you what Guevara thought of Marxism and what I think of it!

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Miyuki Sato, "Guevara's HIROSHIMA" - What did Che Guevara think when he visited the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome?

I would highly recommend this book.

Che Guevara visited the A-bomb Dome. What were his words there?

In this book, you can take a closer look at Guevara's visit to Hiroshima.

Whether you know Guevara or not, this work is a must read. The book raises issues that are really important when thinking about war and the atomic bombing.

Why not pick one up?

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Che Guevara's "Motorcycle South American Travel Diary" Synopsis and Comments - Young Guevara's Don Quixote Journey! A well-known work as the basis for the movie

This trip seemed to me exactly like a Don Quixote trip.

The old motorcycle, Poderosa 2, soon breaks down and crashes over and over again, throwing them all out of their bodies. The Guevaras also continue to make happenings wherever they go.

Don Quixote is a man who takes what most people would consider foolishness very seriously. He becomes an itinerant knight and travels all over Spain to correct the injustices of the world.

Guevara must have been traveling with this very Don Quixote in mind.

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Chihiro Ito, "Cuba: The Latin Soul that Brought a Superpower to its Knees" - A recommended reference for learning about Cuba's history!

We were amazed at what we read in this book. We usually receive very little information about the country of Cuba. At best, we have an image of Cuba as a strong baseball team. For those of us who only have an image of the Cuban crisis and the dictator Castro, what this book tells us is truly astonishing. The world here is the complete opposite of the image we have of Cuba.

I am sure that this book will change the way you feel about America.

I think one of the great things about this book is that it gives us an idea of what the U.S. was like for the Cubans, not just information from the U.S. side.

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Toru Miyoshi, "Che Guevara Biography" - Biography recommended to learn about the life and thought of Che Guevara, the leading revolutionary of the Cuban Revolution.

It was Guevara who inspired me to read Don Quixote. It was because of Guevara that I decided to read "Don Quixote" for the first time.

Now "Don Quixote" is like my life's work. I will continue to read this work for the rest of my life.

For me, Che Guevara was the great benefactor who connected me to Don Quixote.

This work, "The Biography of Che Guevara," is a wonderful biography that allows us to learn about the man to whom we owe so much.

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Nobuaki Ushijima, "Don Quixote's Journey" - Read this and you will find Don Quixote interesting! The best introductory book that I highly recommend!





Modern Russia and the Russo-Ukrainian War

W. Shabłowski, "Dancing Bears: People Struggling with Regime Change after the Cold War" - Freedom came suddenly to the people of the former communist bloc. Is freedom a burden?

This book is about the "dancing bears" of former communist Bulgaria and looks at the lives of people living in the former communist bloc.

This book is also amazing..!

There are plenty of books on Russia, but books on the former communist bloc and its aftermath are quite rare to begin with.

Moreover, the "bear dance" that has been handed down in the region is an exquisite symbol of the very drama of the transition from the former communist bloc to "freedom.


Learning from the History, Thought and Literature of the Cold War World

O.A. Westad, "Cold War World History" - A recommended general history of the world during the Cold War.




Shinran and Dostoevsky

My Round-the-World Journey, Don Quixote's Ideals, and Dostoevsky: My Encounter with Dostoevsky (3)