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Sri LankaBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

A list of recommended books to learn about the Buddhist country of Sri Lanka - Buddhism, history, literature, and other unknown attractions!

I studied Buddhism in Sri Lanka and was left shocked. I keep coming across things that I never thought possible. I would say that it has overturned my view of Buddhism from the very foundation.

Sri Lanka is interesting! I have become completely absorbed in the very country's Buddhism, its history and culture. In this article, I will recommend some books about Sri Lanka.

Recommended Sightseeing Spots in RomeThe Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Vatican, and Roman Catholicism

List of Recommended Reference Books on Rome - History, Culture, Religion, and Art! A list of great books that will make Rome more interesting!

In the previous article, "Monks' Recommendation: 15 Sightseeing Spots in Rome! From the Royal Road to Maniacal Churches, Taste the Ultimate in Beauty" introduced the recommended spots in Rome, and in this article, we will introduce a recommended reference and guidebook to enjoy Rome even more.

Please refer to each link for a more detailed discussion of the book.

Rome is so deep. It is like a bottomless swamp that the more you know about it, the more you become addicted to it. I, too, have become completely obsessed with this Roman wanderlust.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.

Peter PanDreamland Disneyland Research

J.M. Barrie, "Peter Pan" Synopsis and Comments - Disney's original was more sad and violent than I had imagined.

What made me decide to read the original story of "Peter Pan" was the influence of the Disney movie. Walt Disney has made many animated films from fairy tales. And in adapting them to film, Disney has made significant changes. If we can understand the difference between the original story and the movie, we can see the original part of Disney.

And when I read the original, I was amazed at his character and story told there.

First of all, Peter Pan's character is just out of control! Even in the Disney movie, he is too much of a free spirit, and there are still some things that are out of place, but he is still lovable. However, the original Peter Pan is now even frightening.

Kumagusu MinakataDiary of a Monk

Takamitsu Shimamoto, "Minakata Kumagusu, Cats and Islam" - Was the Conventional Image of Kumagusu Really Right? A stimulating book that questions the state of research on the great man!

This work, "Minakata Kumagusu, Cats, and Islam," is a departure from conventional reference books on Minakata Kumagusu.

Minakata Kumagusu is known as a "naturalist and folklorist with genius qualities" and is famous for his research on slime molds and plants.

Minakata Kumagusu's superhuman collection of materials and the scope of his research earned him the respect of later researchers. He was praised as a genius and a great man who was ahead of his time.

However, was this person, Minakata Kumagusu, really the great man he seemed to be? In this book, we will carefully examine whether the image of Minakata Kumagusu, filled with the praise of later researchers, was really correct.

It is a stimulating work that can be called a Minakata Kumagusu version of the now popular "Buddha, the Man" by Toshifumi Shimizu!

Shaku Zong-enBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

Michiyo Nakajima, "Shaku Munen and Meiji ZEN Crossing the Sea for the First Time" - Recommended biography of the famous Zen priest who visited Sri Lanka.






心霊の文化史Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

Masakazu Yoshimura, "A Cultural History of the Spiritual: The Spiritual British Era" - A book that also provides insight into the Theosophical Society that influenced Sri Lankan Buddhism!



end of timeBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

M. Wickramasinghe's "The End of Time" Synopsis and Comments - A masterful film about Sri Lanka, a country shaken by Marxism and class struggle!




A Changing VillageBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

M. Wickramasinghe's "The Changing Village" Synopsis and Impressions - A masterful feature film from Sri Lanka! Also related to Dostoevsky and Chekhov!

It is a wonderful novel that is not well known in Japan, but is highly acclaimed around the world. I have actually read it and enjoyed its excellence.



Sri Lankan PoliticsBuddhism in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Southeast Asia

Koji Kawashima, "Sri Lankan Politics and Caste" - A shocking masterpiece that reveals behind-the-scenes politics, religion, and nationalism!

This book is a shocker...!