King Arthur

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

T. Bulfinch's "A New Translation of King Arthur's Tales" Synopsis and Commentary - The Royal Tale of the English Medieval Knight! And the connection to Don Quixote.

This book will be a work compiled as a guidebook to get a general overview of the vast "Tales of King Arthur".

I would highly recommend this piece. The story is dramatic and enjoyable. I am convinced that this story has had a great influence on modern fantasy and video game productions. The Holy Sword Excalibur and the legend of the Holy Grail are exciting even for those of us living in the modern age. I think this work can be called the royal road of storytelling.

It was also interesting to read it while thinking about the connection to "Don Quixote"!

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

M. J. Dougherty, "Illustrated King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" - A recommended guide to learn the outline and history of the Arthurian story!

When it comes to medieval knightly tales, "The Tales of King Arthur" cannot be missed.

You have probably heard of "The Tales of King Arthur" before, even if you don't know what it is about.

And in fact, the famous "Knights of the Round Table", "Legend of the Holy Grail" and "Holy Sword Excalibur" are mentioned in this story. This is interesting.

It is also visually friendly with numerous illustrations, making it easy to read.

This is a great book for an introduction to King Arthur. This was a much appreciated work.

I highly recommend this guidebook.

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.






I highly recommend this work.

Don Quixote, the beloved itinerant knight.

Shunichi Ikegami's "Illustrated World of Knights" Overview and Comments - A Guidebook for Understanding the History of Knights in the Middle Ages, when Don Quixote went mad.




I would highly recommend this work.